More Tomb Raider microtransactions revealed

Gamers can now spend $1 to purchase accuracy-boosting headshot reticle for single-player campaign.


Crystal Dynamics has added additional microtransaction items for Tomb Raider. Available now is a $1 headshot reticle for the game's single-player campaign. As its name suggests, this item helps players be more accurate with Lara's weapons.

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The headshot reticle is not the first of Tomb Raider's single-player microtransaction offerings. Gamers can also spend $1 on attribute boosts like Agility--which lets Lara climb mountains faster and endure damage from higher falls--and Animal Instinct, a skill that allows Lara to see XP-laden animals while in Instinct Mode.

Players can also purchase various multiplayer-specific items like an assortment of weapons and additional playable characters for $1 each. These were all made available at launch on March 5.

Tomb Raider is the latest full-priced console game to offer in-game purchases to customers, joining the likes of Gears of War: Judgment, Dead Space 3, and Call of Duty: Black Ops II.

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