More Titanfall Coming This Year After Apex Legends Launch

But in what form?


Apex Legends is set in Respawn's Titanfall universe, but it's hard not to notice that it's conspicuously missing the titans themselves, not to mention Titanfall in its name. The studio confirmed that it isn't working on Titanfall 3, but that doesn't mean we've seen the last of its robot-based warfare.

On Twitter, Respawn CEO Vince Zampella said the studio is working on new content and listening to player feedback for Apex, but also planning more Titanfall. "We are also working on more Titanfall for later in the year (yes, I said the T word)," he said. "We love being able to experiment in this crazy universe!"

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As part of EA's earnings, the company noted that among its ongoing and upcoming projects, it's excited to "to grow Apex Legends and related Titanfall experiences."

"The Respawn team has a strong plan for Apex Legends that will engage fans for a long time to come," said CEO Andrew Wilson, during an earnings call. "As the live service evolves, Respawn also has plans to launch a premium game this year that is a new twist on the Titanfall universe. More to come on that in the months ahead."

This doesn't necessarily mean a new mainline Titanfall game is coming. Given that the studio has already ruled out Titanfall 3, it seems more likely to be a smaller standalone project, or even continuing the fiction in some other form of media. EA has previously stated that Respawn will have multiple games coming out by the end of 2019.

At the time, we knew of three Respawn games in development. Those included Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order, a Titanfall game, and a VR title. It seems likely now that the Titanfall game was actually Apex. That all would seem to imply the unnamed Titanfall game is VR, but Zampella has already shot down that theory.

Apex Legends is off to a fast start, hitting 1 million players in only eight hours. It's very different than we've come to expect from multiplayer in the Titanfall universe, though. It removes the ability to call in mechs, as well as the series' wall-running mechanic. Instead, the battle royale game puts you in squads of three, composed of characters with Overwatch-like hero abilities. If you're planning to dive into Apex, check out how to get free loot with paid subscription services, and read up on how the in-game economy works. Or for more practical tips, read up on the heroes themselves.

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