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More Than 1 Million People Reached Diablo 4 Beta Level 20 And Saved A Wolf Pup

The Diablo 4 beta reached a LOT of players, who earned a special Wolf Pack item.


The Diablo IV early access beta has concluded, and a lot of people took part. How many? Well, we now know it's more than 1 million. Blizzard said on Twitter that more than 1 million people reached at least level 20, which granted them a special bonus.

Everyone who hits level 20 (of 25 in the beta) gets the Beta Wolf Pack item that includes a cute little puppy. You can see the item below. As announced previously, all progress from the early access beta carries forward to this week's open beta, so anyone who didn't reach level 20 already can keep pushing ahead to earn the item.

The Beta Wolf Pack will be unlocked for players when Diablo IV launches in June.

In other news, if there were 1 million Diablo IV beta players who reached level 20, that likely means the number of players was significantly bigger. However, Blizzard has not announced a figure. Whatever it is, it's sure to grow this coming weekend when the open beta takes place from March 24-26.

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