More StarCraft 2 Match-Fixers Arrested by Korean Authorities

Eleven individuals have been indicted.


Eight people have been arrested by Korean authorities as a result of an investigation into match-fixing allegations in StarCraft II competitive play. As reported by Gamasutra, one player was allegedly paid ₩70,000,000 ($61,439) to throw one match, while other players were claimed to have been paid approximately ₩35,000,000 ($30,716).

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According to Gamasutra's report (via TeamLiquid), 11 individuals were indicted. Eight people were arrested, two people were not, and one "remains at large." The original report was issued by the Changwon Regional Prosecution Service and withheld the names of those arrested, although speculation online has led to the alleged identification of some players who are involved.

The report follows on from news in October last year that multiple arrests and lifetime bans had been made as part of investigations into StarCraft 2 tournament match-fixing. The Changwon Regional Prosecutor's office announced the arrest of StarCraft team Prime head coach Wae-Sik "Gerrard" Park and professional players Byeong-Heon "YoDa" Choi and Jong-Hyuk "BBoongBBoong" Choi.

Brokers and financial backers were also arrested as part of the investigations, including former pro-gamer and esports journalist Jun-mo "Enough" Seong, who acted a broker. For more information on the latest report, check out TeamLiquid's detailed breakdown.

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