More Spore-s sprout on Wii, DS, PC

Spore Hero confirmed for Nintendo console; Spore Hero Arena portable-bound; Spore Creature Keeper corrals kids' desktops.


The name of EA and Maxis' universe simulator, Spore, has proven to be apt on a number of levels. Immediately, it applies to the game's fundamental concept, where gamers begin life as a single-celled organism and proceed to evolve into a sentient species capable of conquering the universe. Adding a second meaning, the name also speaks to EA's ambition for the game, as its September 7 launch was only just the beginning of an expansive franchise.

The universe opens to Spore.
The universe opens to Spore.

Following on from the Spore Galactic Adventures expansion pack announced in October, EA today took the lid off three new games set in the Spore universe. Most notably, EA finally revealed details on the long-teased Wii edition of Spore, tentatively titled Spore Hero. According to EA, the Wii game will be an all-new installment in the Spore franchise, focusing on adventure elements and incorporating the console's motion-sensing controls. It is expected to arrive on the Wii this fall.

In addition to the Wii game, EA announced that Spore Hero Arena will ship for the DS this fall. Extending upon Spore's first jaunt onto the DS last year, Spore Hero Arena lets gamers make their own creations and then battle them with other creatures in various locations throughout the galaxy.

EA also today announced Spore Creature Keeper, a game aimed at the younger set. A stand-alone PC game, Creature Keeper takes its cues from Nintendo's immensely popular Nintendogs franchise, letting gamers raise, train, and play with their custom creations. Gamers can also mingle their pets online. EA did not reveal a release window for Spore Creature Keeper.

As previously announced, the first of these new games, Spore Galactic Adventures, will arrive this spring for the PC. The Spore expansion pack seeks to augment the original game's space age, letting players beam down to distant planets and undertake new missions for rewards. The expansion will also add in the Adventure Creator, which will let gamers build and share their own missions.

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