More Shadowbane races for those who preorder

Ubi Soft announces a special preorder program for its upcoming MMORPG.



Today Ubi Soft announced the release of the Shadowbane preorder disc, which is shipping to computer game retailers Electronics Boutique, GameStop, and CompUSA and will be available for a $10 suggested retail price. The disc includes some extras for the forthcoming massively multiplayer online RPG, including desktop wallpaper, a screensaver, and a video trailer. Additionally, it will include a promotional code that will unlock three additional player races for when the game ships in early November. The $10 preorder cost of the disc will be credited back to gamers who purchase the final version of Shadowbane.

Those who opt to preorder the game online through the retailers' online stores will also receive a promotional code but none of the other extras on the CD-ROM available in stores.

The three promotional races are the minotaur, the centaur, and the aracroix. Seven additional races will be featured in the game, and according to Ubi Soft, all are balanced and none are more or less powerful than any of the others, despite their unique appearances and skill sets.

Shadowbane is still under development at Wolfpack Studios. For more information on the game, see our previous coverage .

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