More PSP budget reissues hitting Japan

Sony Computer Entertainment adds six more games to its PSP: The Best lineup.


TOKYO--In Japan, Sony Computer Entertainment announced it will release six additional PSP games as budget-priced reissues under the PSP: The Best brand on March 2. The series is akin to the Greatest Hits series for the PlayStation 2.

SCE previously released 13 titles as PSP: The Best reissues in November, and it will also release Koei's Dynasty Warriors as part of the series on February 16.

The budget-priced reissues up until now were mostly games that appeared around the PSP's launch. The March lineup covers the missing titles from the period, and there are also a few newer games, like Konami's Coded Arms. The games are priced at 2,800 yen ($24), nearly half of their official catalog price of 4,800 yen ($41). Konami's Mahjong Fight Club will be an exception at 2,000 yen ($17).

The complete lineup is as follows:

Bleach: Heat the Soul (PSP: The Best), Konami
Coded Arms (PSP: The Best), Konami
Mahjong Fight Club (PSP: The Best), Konami
Piposaru Academia (PSP: The Best) [Ape Escape Academy], SCEI
Saru Get You P! (PSP: The Best) [Ape Escape: On the Loose], SCEI
Shutokou Battle (PSP: The Best) [Street Supremacy], SCEI

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