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More Pokemon Go Events Get Postponed Due To Coronavirus

The upcoming Pokemon Go Safari Zone events in St. Louis, Liverpool, and Philadelphia have been postponed, but you can still catch some special Pokemon if you keep your tickets.


Pokemon Go's March Community Day was scheduled to take place this past weekend before being suspended due to the COVID-19 outbreak, and now a few other events have suffered a similar fate. Niantic has announced the upcoming Pokemon Go Safari Zone events in St. Louis, Liverpool, and Philadelphia have likewise been postponed out of community concern.

"We have made the difficult decision to postpone Pokemon Go Safari Zone events in St. Louis, MO, USA; Liverpool, UK; and Philadelphia, PA, USA," Niantic announced in a blog post. "We are looking into alternate dates and will provide an update as soon as possible. Please see below for more information on each event."

Players who purchased tickets for any of the affected Safari Zone events are able to request refunds via in-app support. Those who elect to hang on to their tickets will still be able to use them for the events when they are eventually rescheduled. You can read more details about how to request a ticket refund on Niantic's support website.

If you do decide to keep your Safari Zone ticket, you'll still be able to enjoy some aspects of the events. Niantic will make Safari Zone Pokemon and Special Research tasks active for ticket holders during the originally scheduled event hours, so you'll still have a chance to catch rare Pokemon and earn bonus rewards if you keep your ticket.

While the Safari Zone events have been canceled, this month's Cobalion and Lugia Raid events have been extended to give players more time to participate. Cobalion is currently available again in Raids until March 23, while Lugia is set to return from March 24-31. The Mythical Pokemon Genesect will also debut this week as part of a paid Special Research story event.

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