More People Playing Witcher 3 on GOG than on Steam

CD Projekt's digital distribution service edges out Steam and all other PC platforms.


The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Publisher CD Projekt, parent company of Witcher developer CD Projekt Red, announced today that most PC players play The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt on CD Projekt's distribution platform, This is surprising because Steam is the most used platform by a large amount.

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In a press release, the company revealed that over 690,000 people play the game through GOG, a substantial number considering it sold 4 million copies total across PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. In fact, GOG didn't just edge out Steam--more copies are activated on GOG than on all other PC distribution platforms combined.

Most likely, people flocked to GOG for the discount deals, which included up to 20 percent off of pre-order purchases. GOG also appealed to players for its insistence on keeping the Witcher 3 DRM-free. Green Man Gaming, another distribution platform, also sold GOG keys for the game at a discount, which could have helped drive people to GOG.

The company also released some other stats about player usage through GOG. According to the statement, the sales account for "more than 21.5 petabytes of game and bonus content delivered, 3.5 million achievements unlocked, and 1,770 combined years of game time spread over 190+ countries."

CD Projekt Red is still coming out with free weekly content for the game, and will continue to do so through July. This week's DLC includes new cards for Gwent and a quest about a town run by pigs.

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And isn't GOG stand alone? No software required or anything. I wonder if most people use steam for the achievements.

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Well i don't know if this is the case for others but i got a free copy of Witcher 3 when i upgraded my video card and it was threw the GOG platform. So maybe that has something to do with the numbers favoring GOG in this instance.

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and if your like me you bought i physical copy i love steam but hate digital games you never really own them and you cant put it on your shelf. and drm free is nice

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@blkgsr: I took a screenshot of my Steam library, printed it out, and hung it on my wall. Does that count?

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Price and DRM free.

When it came to those cases, I chose GOG over steam any day.

But I can't say much since I think I own more games from steam than GOG and I bought multiple copies, each in every platform that I own for The Witcher 3.

It's worth every cent IMO since I want to contribute even just a little to support CDPR.

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How was this news? Most of all deals for witcher 3 were for?! Your guessed it! GoG so why is this even surprising? Like saying everyone bought a car from this dealer over ----> instead because they had the exact car for a better price!

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So if 690,000 people play on GOG, and less people are playing on Steam, that means no more than 1.3 million people play on PC.

2.7 mil console gamers, 1.3 mil PC gamers. And people wonder why games get consolized

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@jhcho2: Idiot. Your competing the PC numbers against 2 different consoles. Of course the numbers going to be bigger. PS4 and Xbox are not the same architecturally or software so their's no reason to total them. Xbox actually has more in common then PS4.

Your also basing this on the idea that every gamer bought this game, which is again far from true.

However if you separated them correctly you get about 1.3/1.35 per console.

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@jhcho2: be glad because from what ive read it would've never happened if the game wouldn't have came out on consoles there might have been a witcher 3 pc only game but it wouldn't have had the grand scale tw3 has now. they said they did have enough profit without the console versions. im pc all the way on tw3 but glad everyone gets to enjoy the masterpiece.

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@jhcho2: You are saying it as if a game made for one console automatically works on the other as well. Those are two different versions which are made separately. Don't understand why it is ps4+xbox one vs. PC

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@jhcho2: Oh my god...PC versions of games sell less than the console versions? Since when? That's such a revolutionary thought. I actually shed a tear because that realization just swept me off my feet. D:

And no, you fucking idiot. People do not wonder why games get "consolized". What they wonder about is why some games (especially ones that have already performed extremely well on consoles and more than made up any development costs that porting to PC would come with, which is especially egregious in Rockstar's case) aren't ported to PC, or why they have extremely shitty ports. Profit is still profit.

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Nice, as much as I like Steam it's about time someone else challenged them for the digital distribution crown. I use all the clients out there & I have to say the GOG Galaxy client is pretty good. It's a little barebones compared to Steam but blows the doors off of, Origin, Uplay, or Desura IMO. I bought The Witcher 3 through GOG & have been nothing but pleased with experience so far.

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Steam, Origin, Uplay, GOG...All crap.

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@GhostHawk196: Steam's all right in my opinion. Origin and Uplay are shit though

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How is this surprising? If you buy a physical copy you are forced to use this horrible GoG thing. I still have no idea how to properly browser DLC >__>

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yes ofc... and for all I know, you can install the game from any pirate site, installs GoG and it will update it for you, even though is a pirate version of the game... So wth!!??

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GoG is the best place to get it from, no matter how I look at it. GoG had the best preorder price and bonuses and now has the best bonus items, doesn't need an external program to launch it and the money goes directly to the devs.

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Wrong, the reason that more people are playing Witcher 3 on GOG is because every one that bought a physical copy has to play it through GOG. (And seeing how its cheeper to buy a physical copy then a digital one Im not suprised)

I can also attest that a large amount of the physical copies shipped around the world where "broken", forcing people to download the free digital copy from GOG that was included in their purshare in order to play the game.

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@tomatpaburk: also, the game voucher i got from gpu purchase was gog copy.

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@tomatpaburk: You do know that physical copy only accounts for like 8% of total pc game sales vs digital and that number is getting smaller each year. So that certainly is not the main reason why gog has more success for w3.

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GOG still will not take my CC so I can no longer purchase from them.

I have tried out their Galaxy client and it looks just fine to me :)

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I try not to say this often, but gog makes pirating 10x more easy

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Hey I love steam and what they have done for gaming, ....... but ............ their client for large AAA games has gotten a little ridiculous. It take way to much choice, control, and privacy away from the consumer. Steam is no where near as bad as Origin, or ubisofts client which have pretty much become malware, I buy steam products and enjoy the service. But I can still hate the client and what it does and information it collects.

When it comes to DRM client free over steam--- I will choose GOG every-time. I will choose DRM free, offline single player even if it costs a little more.

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Of course. GOG version is DRM free thus more stable, better performance and version of parent company of the developer or developer's company, to be precise.

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Of course. GOG version is DRM free thus more stable, better performance and parent company of the developer or developer's company, to be precise.

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As many have said. Price was the difference.

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Yeah let me solve the great mystery for you. The game was way cheaper at gog on sale than anywhere else so I bought it because I want to play the game. I would rather have went steam because all the other crap I have is on there but GOG was cheaper.

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@abcdefgabcdefgz: Even if the game cost more I would still choose GoG over drm.

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Personally, I bought it through GOG and play through Galaxy because CDPR owns GOG. Thus, all of my money went to the game developer. I love the company, I love the way they treat the customer, and I want to support them as much as possible. I use Steam for a lot of stuff, but as long as CDPR continues the way they have been I'll be buying their games through GOG.

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@randalmcdanielz: I hope you are trolling. lol

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And why not. Sure, there's grey market deals. But I happily paid full price (no sale). Big thing was, no DRM for me. Yes Steam is great and all, but If I can get a big name game like Witcher 3 with no DRM, I'm going for that route, even if it costs 5 bucks more. And I'm sure I'm not the only one.

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Good for Steam to have some quality competition for once. Its always laughable seeing articles about Origin trying to catch up to Steam. Dream harder EA

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There are huge amounts of cheap keys floating around because of the free GoG copies given out with GeForce cards. I'd suspect it has far more to do with that than any offer GoG has. Steam is still the platform of choice for most, though GoG Galaxy with the new achievement system will help somewhat.

A choice between £20 and £50 however is no choice at all.

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Probably because there's much better deals for gog keys, and a lot of them come from the grey market.

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Well, yeah...

I bet more people use GOG for Dungeon Keeper 2 than they do Steam, too :P

Only begun, the DDP (digital distribution platform) wars have.

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As most have said its only about the $. I got Witcher 3 pre order for $40. To be honest I hate having to launch GOG just for this one damn game. I wish I did have the Steam version. It really does not matter because its the best game ever.

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@djentmaven You shouldn't need to launch GOG Galaxy. I downloaded it through GOG Galaxy but I was having issues with downloading patches and DLC through it so I stopped using it and just made a shortcut to the games .exe and have been directly downloading the patches and DLC from the GOG website

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@eldak said:

@djentmaven You shouldn't need to launch GOG Galaxy. I downloaded it through GOG Galaxy but I was having issues with downloading patches and DLC through it so I stopped using it and just made a shortcut to the games .exe and have been directly downloading the patches and DLC from the GOG website

Gamers like yourself are an asset and just plan helpful to all gamers thanks ever so much friend!!!!!!!!!!

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All these people still spouting this DRM nonesense. Stop with the scaremongering. You have no evidence or past history to base your theoretical situations upon.

Valve will never take away your games. As much as you love to say otherwise. You don't even need to go online with steam. I have a laptop that rarely goes online and its full of Steam games that are played OFFLINE.

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@Frozzik: For real, imagine what would happen to a company if they took from millions of people something they had already bought. Valve HQ would probably detonate in the next week.

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Nice to Steam finally get some competition. GOG is a real nice gamer resource and I'm glad to see them also getting newer games on their lists. Steam is great for sales and wonderful nerdum, but it has stood alone for too long. Steams gotten a bit liberal with some of it's Early Access content, broken games, and basically nonfunctioning games.

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good for gog.

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@f-chopin said:

good for gog.


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4 main factors


retail copies needed GoG galaxy to update and add content

Nvidia GTX 900 series promo gave you GoG keys

price, the steam keys are pretty shite at launch compared to GoG (well you can still get a cheap one at G2A)

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Not surprising considering how much cheaper the GOG version was, and there was more goodies packaged with the pre-order. Would've been a total win if Galaxy was on the same level as the Steam client.

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I did it because there's no DRM.