More People Playing Witcher 3 on GOG than on Steam

CD Projekt's digital distribution service edges out Steam and all other PC platforms.


Publisher CD Projekt, parent company of Witcher developer CD Projekt Red, announced today that most PC players play The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt on CD Projekt's distribution platform, This is surprising because Steam is the most used platform by a large amount.

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In a press release, the company revealed that over 690,000 people play the game through GOG, a substantial number considering it sold 4 million copies total across PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. In fact, GOG didn't just edge out Steam--more copies are activated on GOG than on all other PC distribution platforms combined.

Most likely, people flocked to GOG for the discount deals, which included up to 20 percent off of pre-order purchases. GOG also appealed to players for its insistence on keeping the Witcher 3 DRM-free. Green Man Gaming, another distribution platform, also sold GOG keys for the game at a discount, which could have helped drive people to GOG.

The company also released some other stats about player usage through GOG. According to the statement, the sales account for "more than 21.5 petabytes of game and bonus content delivered, 3.5 million achievements unlocked, and 1,770 combined years of game time spread over 190+ countries."

CD Projekt Red is still coming out with free weekly content for the game, and will continue to do so through July. This week's DLC includes new cards for Gwent and a quest about a town run by pigs.

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