More Overwatch Events Teased, as Game Hits 20M Players Fastest Ever for Blizzard

"We're very excited about the prospects for the future."


It may come as little surprise, but Blizzard said today that it plans to release more Overwatch DLC and launch new in-game events in the future.

The two events so far, Summer Games and the Halloween event, were successful, Blizzard CEO Mike Morhaime said during an earnings call. Naturally, more are coming.

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"The two events that we've had so far have shown us we have a great model for follow-on content," he explained. "We've found that it stimulates our audience and drives record engagement, so you should expect to see more events, like summer games and Halloween, and additional content, which we'll discuss in more detail later. We're very excited about the prospects for the future."

It's no surprise that more events are coming, as the two previous ones gave players a new way to spend money on the game without Blizzard needing to launch a traditional expansion.

Morhaime also teased that Blizzard will talk more about Overwatch's competitive gaming scene tomorrow, on the first day of BlizzCon 2016.

In other news about Overwatch, art for the unannounced character Sombra popped up this week, leading some to believe an announcement could be on the way.

Blizzard also reiterated today that Overwatch has now reached 20 million registered players, though the game hasn't necessarily sold that many copies. Whatever the case, no Blizzard game has ever reached 20 million registered players faster than Overwatch, Blizzard said.

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These guys are worse than EA. Its so sad to watch the fall of blizzard. A company I used to respect greatly and love. RIP.

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@Kezzy123: are you trying to be stupid? it's working!

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@Kezzy123: The fall? All they have done is continued climbing lol. But let me guess, in your eyes they have "sold out" because they did something you didn't like? They are a company that sells products (like every other company) and it's up to you to spend or not spend your money on it.

Legion is a fantastic expac, Overwatch is a fantastic game, Diablo 3 is still going super strong as is Hearthstone and anything Starcraft related. I don't play mobas so I'm not sure how big Heroes of the Storm is but it looks like it's doing pretty well for being a new kid on the block. Not sure how they are doing bad honestly but to each his own.

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HOTS was a train wreck. The most broken matchmaker and nothing but a cash cow. Lots of balance issues and terrible design decisions. A game driven by GREED.

D3 was released as a cash cow and a huge disappointment for all diablo fans. Sure, they did good work fixing a lot of issues and its in a pretty decent state today...but that doesnt excuse the release which is very un-blizzard like. why? GREED.

Overwatch has great ideas and is plagued by the same exact terrible matchmaking used in HOTS and many balance and design flaws. The lootbox system is a Free to play business model implemented in a pay to play game. The events are nothing short of scams. Several times they have been caught lying or using very shady practices all out guessed it..GREED.

Summer event they lied and broke their promise that all skins would be buyable with gold accumulated in game. They even edited it out of their webpage after the fact but people had screenshots as proof. All to get more sales of boxes in this "limited time only" offer. The halloween event once again allowed to purchase with in game currency BUT they jacked the prices 3 times while leaving the duplicate reward the same. IE: 1000gold to buy 200gold for a duplicate before, 3000gold to buy and 200gold for duplicates after. AND they closed the event one hour short of the time they had advertised as the end time for the event, all for the sake of screwing people over who saved till the last minute to buy skins with in game currency. GREED GREED GREED

They now have a change on the PTR where before, you could get quick levels from 1-20 or so after each prestige (each 100 levels) but they want to remove this because people were sitting at level 99-100 till events and then getting more boxes. GREED

Their practices so far have been nothing short of disgusting if not borderline criminal. They are everything you want to avoid in any gaming industry. Shame on you for supporting these types of practices.

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@Kezzy123: Well to be fair, fans wanted a "real auction house" in the first place, and they gave it to them. Only then did everyone realize what a train wreck it was, but there is no problem with trying it. If they were that "greedy" as you say, they would have fought to keep the Auction House alive to keep making money... right?

All this crying of greed (in general from "gamers"), but guess how YOU fix that? DON'T BUY IT. I don't put much weight behind anything because things can and will ALWAYS change, but I can understand the in game gold thing to buy stuff that they took away complaint, that's pretty crappy any way you slice it. But then again look at the company they are tied too lol, I wouldn't be surprised if those "ideas" came from activisions side of the "building".

But in a time when devs rely on "seasons passes" that help supplement income you have a game like Overwatch and many others coming out that forgo that model, but do add in some micro transactions for some extra cash. I never buy anything like that and just enjoy what I have, but at the same time I can see the argument.

But like I said many times, it's 100% UP TO YOU as the consumer to buy or not buy, no one is twisting your arm to spend your money. If you don't like it, don't buy it and move on. Things change all the time and companies have to change with the times as well even if we don't like it. I don't spend money on micro transactions or seasons passes unless they are apart of some massive sale where it almost costs nothing, then I MIGHT get it, but that's about it.

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@nickpeck36: It is indeed entirely up to me. And just like I have stopped buying anything EA a long time ago, I have vowed to stop buying anything Blizzard going forward. This is a sentiment you have to get ready to see pop up more and more. While some people are happy to disregard shady practices, others believe firmly in only supporting ethical companies. A fact is that blizzard is no longer ethical. The teams working on overwatch and HOTS are not.

I see more and more people who now refuse to buy blizz products and those numbers are growing exponentially after each scam blizzard pulls off in games like overwatch. Reputation is hard to buy back. They apparently havent learned that from other big players.

Once a customer feels wronged however, that customer is free to comment on articles like this one with their negative view of the company and product. Comments are not just for people who like the game and devs.

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Well deserved as well. For many years to come!

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People still playing this? Move on people!

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@Jag-T1000: Believe it or not, not everyone plays a game and beats it in 5hrs and moves on to another game. Most MP centric players play MP centric games for hundreds to thousands of hours.

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@Jag-T1000: even it's no my kind of game, got to admit it's very well done and pretty nice.

the troll sentence "people still playing this" start to getting a bit old.

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@Jag-T1000: people will be playing this game for a very very long time, you moron.

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@Jag-T1000: Idiots still saying this?

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Game has a serious case of tumblr nose, guess everyone is supposed to be drunk or dusted or something

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@girlusocrazy: I legitimately don't know what "tumblr nose" means. Would you mind explaining?

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@llamaboy226: Red/pink nose on everybody for no reason

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@girlusocrazy: Yeah I guess a few heroes do, though not all. And with the varying skins, you can definitely get rid of it on most.

I'm also curious, does that effect your ability to enjoy the gameplay?

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@llamaboy226: No, you barely see it when the game is in motion, but it affects my ability to enjoy screens/art from the game

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@girlusocrazy: Alright, I can respect that. The way your comment is worded, it made me think you didn't like the game because of it, which is what prompted my inquiry.

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@llamaboy226: No, purely an aesthetic thing and as you say skins/mods can change it

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@girlusocrazy: What did you expect from such a big population? Big numbers = more idiots playing.

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Christmas? Elf Torborjorborn

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@RicanV: Get real about Christmas:

Santa Claus Torbjorn

Ms Claus Mei

Elf Junkrat

Rudolph Road Hog

Bumble/Abominable-Snow-Man Winston