More on Sega's Model 3 (Step 2) Board

On Tuesday, we provided a partial list of specs for Sega's new Model 3 (Step 2) arcade board. Today, we fill in the blanks.


In yesterday's news piece on the upcoming ATEI show, we provided a partial list of specs for Sega's new Model 3 (Step 2) arcade board. Today, we list the complete specs.

CPU Power PC 603ev 166MHz

Memory work RAM 8 Mbytes accessing with 66MHz maximum of 136 Mbytes ROM graphic ROM maximum of 64 Mbytes backup RAM 64 Kbytes

Sound CPU 68EC000 11.2896MHz 44.1KHz sampling rate SCSP x 2 MIDI interface 16 bits 64 voices 4 channel maximum of 16.5 Mbytes ROM

Graphics Resolution 24KHz 496(H)x384(V) one or two plane 31KHz 640x480 one plane

Scroll/window two plane (24KHz/two plane mode) 16 colours/32,768 1024 palette x 2 bank 256/32,768 64 palette x 2 bank

Image generator1 million polygons per second (for square polygons; by using triangle polygons, the amount of polys jumps to 2 million)

1.6 million colors texture mapping 40 thousand polygon stage anti-aliasing S buffer anti-aliasing Z buffer 24 bits floating-point calculation 33 grades of translucence shading, fixed shading, flat shading, gouraud shading view point four priority level 4095 moving models 4096 color tables (24 bits RGB) tri-linear interpolation layered polygon fog effect head light effect micro texture

Other calendar IC security 10mbps connection (enhancement for com board)

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