More Oblivion content coming, detailed

Downloadable content for Xbox 360 and PC expected in "coming weeks"; Bethesda reacts to gamers' thoughts on horse armor pricing.


The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion has been available to the public for about 350 hours now, and there's no doubt that a few hearty adventurers have used the majority of that time to tour the fictional realm of Tamriel completing every available quest. Don't put down those controllers just yet--a representative from Bethesda told GameSpot News that the company is working on a few new additions to Oblivion that will be released "in the coming weeks."

The Orrery quest will see gamers set out to repair a Dwarven Orrery (an apparatus that shows the relative movements of heavenly bodies in the Solar System). Once completed, players will have access to powers based on the world's lunar cycles. Said powers could possibly be lycanthropy, as werewolves were featured in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind expansion Bloodmoon.

The second will be the inclusion of the Wizard's Tower, which will serve as new digs to call "home sweet home." However, it is unclear whether the tower will be part of a quest, or just new property that can be acquired. Players who set up shop in the Tower will be able to grow herbs, make spells, summon atronachs, and perform other magically terrific tasks.

Both new pieces of content will "appear within the existing world," suggesting that the downloads will not expand the current map, but rather add portions within the realm. The PC versions will cost $1.99 to download, but Bethesda hasn't yet announced a price for the Xbox 360 versions.

Speaking of prices for content, the company has also responded to the pricing of the recently released horse armor download, which many gamers have objected to. The download's price was $2.50 for the Xbox 360 and $1.99 for the PC.

"We based the price on the other items you can currently download, like themes and gamer pictures, so a theme on Xbox Live is 150 Marketplace points, the Kameo Christmas Costume was 200 points, and our downloads will be around those prices," the rep told GameSpot News.

"We're one of the first [developers] doing stuff like this, so we'll have to see what types of downloads people prefer. It's hard to tell right now until we have more stuff out, how many people want item plug-ins, versus quests or locations, and so forth. It certainly may be the case that some plug-ins will appeal to some folks and not others, but we hope we'll be able to provide a good variety so that there's something for everyone...and hopefully more than one something for everyone."

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