More Mega Man Zero gameplay details

Capcom reveals more gameplay details on Mega Man Zero for the Game Boy Advance.


Mega Man Zero

Capcom has revealed more gameplay details on Mega Man Zero for the Game Boy Advance on its official Web site. The game features the "cyber elf system," which is a program designed to help Zero during the game. The cyber elves can be found in different stages by meeting certain conditions, and when players find them, they will be added to a list. Players can carry up to three cyber elves, which can be used to help decrease the difficulty of the game, at the start of each mission. However, some cyber elves require "energen crystals" in order to stay alive and function. The game will have 16 missions, as well as various weapons and elemental chips that can be used to battle enemies.

Mega Man Zero for the GBA is scheduled for an April 26 release in Japan. For more information on the game, take a look at our hands-on impressions.

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