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It's official - both Shadow Warrior and Unreal are headed to the Macintosh thanks to former members of Lion Entertainment.


Mark Adams, formerly of Lion Entertainment - the company responsible for the Mac ports of Doom II, Duke Nukem 3D and others - has made it official. Both Shadow Warrior and Unreal are headed to the Mac OS.

According to a USENET post by Adams, Shadow Warrior should be done by mid to late September. Unreal, which is being worked on by Adams and Ken Cobbs, won't be finished until sometime after Christmas, depending on exactly when the PC version is completed.

In other Mac gaming news, the version of Quake for the Mac that was being sold early at Comp USA locations is apparently an unfinished version of the game. An update was released, but seems to have been taken down from Macsoft's FTP site.

If you haven't tried Quake on the Mac, there is finally an official version of the demo. It's available through Macsoft's FTP site, through the link on the right.

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