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Phantagram releases more details on the character abilities in its upcoming real-time strategy game.


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Phantagram and Gathering of Developers have released more details on their upcoming real-time strategy game Kingdom Under Fire. The game incorporates fantasy role-playing elements in a real-time strategy format. Players take part in the conflict between the human and elfin races as well as the orc and ogre races. More than 70 characters are featured in the game, many of which have unique abilities and spells. The following is a partial list of character abilities:

Swamp Mammoth Ability: Make Spore Egg - Creates an egg filled with explosive spores.

Shadow Puppet Ability: Burrow - Burrows underground to surprise passing opponents.

Lich Abilities: Animate Corpse - Brings bodies back to life as zombies. Animate Dead - More powerful spell for producing zombies. Black Plague - Inflicts a plague on enemy units. Evil Eye - Plants an eye on the target. Pentagram - Restores hit points and mana within the area. Essence Transfer - Stores the Lich's essence in another plane. Apocalypse - Invokes a hellish fire to burn enemies.

Vampire Abilities: Cloak of Shadows - Vampire's cloaking. Cloak of Shade - Conceals nearby units. Control Animal - Controls any normal animal. Terror - Stuns enemy units. Bat Form - Transforms Vampires into bats. Vampire Form - Transforms bats back to Vampires. Memory Leech - Drains a skill or spell from a selected target.

Demon Abilities: Mana Drain - Drains mana from the underworld. Mana Vortex - Drains mana from enemies within the area. Stinking Mist - Releases a stinking mist at a chosen point. Glimpse - Reveals the position of hidden or invisible objects.

For more information on Kingdom Under Fire, take a look at our previews archive. Kingdom Under Fire is scheduled for release in mid November.

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