More Fun Than a Barrel of Skullmonkeys

DreamWorks Interactive's new title has the feel of Earthworm Jim...inside the clay universe of PC puzzle game The Neverhood.


DreamWorks Interactive has announced its next title for the Sony PlayStation: Skullmonkeys, a platform title along the lines of Earthworm Jim, but placed inside the entirely clay universe of PC puzzle game The Neverhood. Not surprisingly, the developers of the title are the folks who were responsible for both aforementioned titles.

Skullmonkeys sees the player as Klayman, the hero from The Neverhood, who must prevent the evil Kogg from destroying Klayman's homeworld. Klayman has thwarted him in the past, but this time Klayman's got some new allies: the Skullmonkeys from the planet Idznak.

Creator Doug TenNapel comments about the title: "It looks great, plays great - butt-bouncing platformer the way Mom used to make - and it's LONG. A hundred-plus sublevels and over 20 worlds. We're still tired of 3-D and the infamous nine-level Sony game!" Skullmonkeys is set for a fall release.

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