More Free Xbox One and Xbox 360 Games Now Available

It's that time again.


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It's December 1, which means Xbox Live Gold members can now pick up more free games as part of the Games With Gold program.

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As announced previously, Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition is now free on Xbox One, while Outland is the freebie on Xbox 360. One of November's Xbox One games, Murdered: Soul Suspect, will continue to be free until December 15. Starting on December 16, Outlast (Xbox One) and Burnout Paradise (Xbox 360) drop to the low, low price of free.

Note that all new Xbox 360 Games With Gold titles are playable on Xbox One through backwards compatibility.

Across the fence, Sony just recently announced the PlayStation Plus free game lineup for December--these games go live this coming Tuesday, December 6.

December 2016 Games With Gold Lineup

Xbox One

  • Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition (December 1-31)
  • Murdered: Soul Suspect (November 16-December 15)
  • Outlast (December 16-January 15)

Xbox 360

  • Outland (December 1-15)
  • Burnout Paradise (December 16-31)

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I've actually been enjoying Murdered Soul Suspect. I bought Sleeping Dogs on a discount awhile back. No love lost as it's a pretty decent game. Definitely worth some time if it's being provided for free this month if you have yet to play it.

Avatar image for DeadPhoenix86

good thing i've hold off by buying this game ;) but i need to renew my Xbox live subscription :/

Avatar image for deadp00l

That sucks I bought sleeping dogs X1 when it was on sale a while back. Fml

Avatar image for lordstrategery

@deadp00l: My advice to you is to never buy a game again. This is the only way that you'll avoid this happening again.

Avatar image for chiefwiggum16

Dammit man i barely played Murdered Soul Suspect and still have Battlefield 1 and Titanfall 2 i hust bought last week. Cant wait tobolay Sleeping dogs tho, always wanted to but never did. Now i get to play the Definitive edition. Same thing happened for me with Tomb Raider and the Uncharted Collection. Magnificent games

Avatar image for fanboyman

@chiefwiggum16: Wait what!? When was the Uncharted Collection free?

Avatar image for chiefwiggum16

@fanboyman: it wasnt i just meant that it was nice to play a Definitve version of a game as thw first way fo experience the game. I know i suck and confuse ppl, myself included

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you wanna laugh?

the replacement game for Sleeping Dogs in Germany is...Kalimba ????

good thing i went to the us store and downloaded there Sleeping Dogs

Avatar image for hystavito

@sladakrobot: :)