More Free PS4, PS3, and PS Vita Games Now Available

It's that time again.


PlayStation Plus subscribers can download a new set of free games today. The PlayStation Store has been updated and members can now pick up September 2016's free games, which include Lords of the Fallen and Journey on PlayStation 4.

Additionally, PlayStation 3 gets Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands and Datura. On PlayStation Vita, Badland and Amnesia: Memories will be free. Two of those games support Cross-Buy: Journey is available on both PS4 and PS3, while Badland is available on PS4 and PS3 in addition to Vita. That means there will be three PS4 games offered in September, and four PS3 games.

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In other news about PlayStation Plus, the price of a membership is increasing later this month. As for the PlayStation ecosystem, we may learn more about new hardware tomorrow during the PlayStation Meeting news event in New York City.

You can claim the new Plus games here or through the links below.

PlayStation Plus Lineup for September 2016




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Wasn't datura free a couple of months ago already!?!

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free.... yeah right

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this is a big hoax!!!

because of Lords of the fallen, i bought the subscription, and when i bought it, it is showing the content as unavailable!

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@icefreze: Lol, its not a hoax, the games usually aren't available until later in the day so relax.

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@vfighter: The Lord of the fallen is still not available to me. I have only the journey and galaxy rebel!

IF they are not making it available for the Asia Market, they should put a disclaimer on their website!

I browsed through the PS Store online and confirming that it will be available for PS Plus before purchasing the subscription, and i bought 1 year only to find out such crap now!

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This isn't that bad of a month for me. I've been wanting to play Lords of the Fallen for a while, but didn't want to pay full price because of what everyone was saying about it. Same thing is for Journey. I didn't want to spend like $15 on a game that was 3 hours long. So overall this isn't too bad a month for PS Plus.

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@robopsn: You're a piece of shit.

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"any system or network of interconnecting and interacting parts, as in a business"

"As for the PlayStation ecosystem"

Video games as a business do have an ecosystem. It's actually commonly used outside of the biological world.

Example: Microsoft X1, XBox 360, Windows gaming platform in PC would all be part of the Microsoft gaming ecosystem.

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Badland is 80% off on Steam right now.

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Cripes, how about throwing up some of the older AAA games at least for free. Yeah, they did have NBA14 and Tropico 5 but those are 2 games I dont care about. Throw on NHL 14 or something.

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@vice86: Doesn't Lords of Fallen fall into the AAA category?

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Sony did the PS+ thing right.... even if they don't give out any more good freebies- it's still worth the yearly cost to continue playing on the MASSIVE backlog i've accrued over the last 2 years. I must still have 40+ games i didn't have time to play. Just started Pupeteer today and WOW is that a neat concept

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@CaptWaffle: I loved Pupeteer!!! I even bought one for a friend. It's a shame most people probably never even heard of the game.

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And .... it's down. LOL

Avatar image for Poison-tooth

About time ...

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not inspired to renew this month at all. only to get a new sub because of the incoming price hike

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Amped to play Journey since I never got around to it. Could go for a calming "experience" kind of game right now.

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I wish I didn't buy Journey last month now.

Avatar image for ftskamins

@rikku45: I bought it too since it was on discount last month....Yet the game was great (but small) and supporting the developers for their work comforts me.

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more crap

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Just a small town girl livin' in a lonely world...

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@snugglebear: Hehe, that was the first thing that came up on my mind when I saw Journey there.

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I was expecting Journey... and there it is.

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SWEET! Really want all three of those games. Good job Sony!

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Let's break it down, shall we?


  • Badland [decent, but old and very-very cheap mobile game, offered for free on mobile before]
  • Journey [4 year old $15 2-hour game, albeit critically acclaimed. Didn't like it even though I adore games of this type]
  • Lords of the Fallen [horrendous Souls game, budget title (non-AAA), with almost no redeeming qualities]


  • Badland [see above]
  • Datura [$8 4 year old 30-min game with very bad grades, needs PS Move for the proper experience]
  • Journey [see above]
  • Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands [old movie tie-in, weakest link in the rebooted PoP series]


  • Amnesia: Memories [$20 visual novel, so if you like those, it may be decent]
  • Badland [see above]

Bad month and not demonstratitive of Sony "feeling sorry" for the price hike.

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@Ripper_TV: Lord of the Fallen is pretty good. Not even close to Dark Souls 3 or Bloodborne but i would give it solid 7/10.

Avatar image for Xristophoros

@Ripper_TV: agreed it is a bad month. not sure why everyone is cheering just because there is one good game on the list (journey). while journey is a great game indeed, it is one that most respectable sony fans have already played by now. last month we had yakuza 5 (which is a pretty new release for the west) and yet so many people were complaining? i don't get it.

Avatar image for chiefwiggum16

@Ripper_TV: I thoroughly enjoyed Lords of the Fallen when I got it with GWG.

Avatar image for Halloll

@Ripper_TV: If it's any consolation, they're using the money from PS Plus to make PSN faster, wait who am I kidding, it's actually slower than the PS3 days.

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@Ripper_TV: well my friend, your comment does make sense, to be fair though I do think that the ps4 titles this month are, at least, a step in the right direction. I renewed my 12 months ps+ recently and did it few days before the price hiked up, Phew.

Personally I didn't mind Lords, ok it was nothing on Souls but for free? Certainly worth the time to check it out if you've not before. I suppose we should be thankful they didn't screw us over with Knack for free, haha.

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@Ripper_TV: I just paid $43 for a year sub last week... I don't expect much as far as games go but from what you just described, it looks like I easily got my money's worth in just one month.

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@joshrmeyer: I wouldn't call games that I will never play "money's worth" but if you enjoyed them then good for you.

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@Halloll: I'll play them... don't know if I'll enjoy them til I do. I just know these aren't games I'd likely buy (I'm very selective on where my money goes).

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Yes some good games!

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Great line-up this month!

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Pfft keep your pay to play membership crap, one of the reasons i bought PS4 over M$ Spybox One

Avatar image for Simulator_Shock

@regulas: You still have to pay a paywall scam to play PS4 games online you dingus.

Avatar image for adamfwalker

@regulas: I am not even sure what you mean by this comment since you have to pay on both platforms to play online with people.

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Kind of excited for Journey, never played the game before and heard great things. I just hope it's a real game and not some artsy indie crap.

Avatar image for CaptainBerserk

@chiefwiggum16: I don't know man, something in your comment tells me you are going to hate it. lol

Avatar image for joshrmeyer

@chiefwiggum16: It's very similar to COD... lol. I've been wanting to play it too but didn't feel like buying it. I have a feeling I'll be disappointed but oh well, at least I didn't pay $15.

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@chiefwiggum16: Yeah, I think if you throw words like "artsy indie crap" around, you won't like Journey. It is sort of the poster child. It takes about 3 hours to beat and isn't challenging in the least. That having been said, if you do enjoy "artsy indie crap" it is one of the finest of the genre.

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@chiefwiggum16: *snerk* Oh, you're going to love it, then. *snicker*