More free Day of Defeat begins

Valve again tempts gamers with three more days of no-cost World War II battles.


Upon its release, Day of Defeat: Source was met with positive reviews, although its one sticking point was the limited number of maps available in the game. Developer Valve Software has recently looked to fix that, churning out a couple of new maps--and now it wants to get the word out. Today Valve announced another weekend during which gamers can download Day of Defeat: Source--normally a $20 title--and play for free. The promotional period is already under way, and the free "weekend" will actually spill over into the work week, ending at 1 p.m. PDT on Monday, July 10. Today's announcement follows Valve's first foray into free Day of Defeat in February, when it hosted a similar weekend event. Recently, Valve added a new gameplay mode called Detonation and two new maps, Jagd and Colmar.

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