More Fortnite Spooky Skins Leaked In Update 6.10

More creepy and crawly skins join the Fortnite rotation.


Fortnite's version 6.10 update is now available, adding tournaments and a new vehicle alongside some bug fixes. As has become customary, though, Epic also used the opportunity to add some new skins that we'll be seeing in the store, and they fit this month's spooky Halloween theme nicely.

Fortnite Insider reports that the update added the Arachne and Spider Knight Legendary skins, Guan Yu Epic skin, and Onesie Rare skin. On top of that, it adds the Moonrise, Webbreaker, and Guandao pickaxes, Hatchling and Divine Dragon gliders, and the Long Legs, Spider Shield, and Loyal Shield back bling.

The update also adds the in-game tournaments feature, the first of which is going on now. It's a Solo tourney appropriately named the Alpha Tournament, and lasts through October 21. A separate Friday Night Fortnite squad tournament will be going on this and every Friday through the end of November. Tournaments can earn you pins to show off your skills, and sometime in the future your pins could act as qualifiers for higher-tier tournaments.

The update also adds a new Quadcrusher vehicle, which comes with a snowplow-like attachment and a special boost ability. It's a pretty hefty piece of machinery that seems engineered to cause destruction on the battlefield.

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