More Details On Mass Effect: Andromeda's EA/Origin Access Trial Revealed

BioWare confirms that the Xbox One and PC trial's single-player is limited.


The 10-hour EA/Origin Access trial for Mass Effect: Andromeda will let you play as much multiplayer as you want, but the single-player is limited, BioWare has confirmed.

"You can play it all in [single-player] if you want, but it is gated (you can't [continue] story after a point, but can explore or restart for [example])," producer Fernando Melo said on Twitter (via Eurogamer).

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This is standard for EA/Origin Access trials. For example, Battlefield 1's trial provided unlimited access to the multiplayer (for a certain period of time), but only a few single-player missions.

The EA/Origin Access trial for Andromeda will become available on March 16 for Xbox One and PC, five days before Andromeda comes out on March 21. No version of EA Access is available on PlayStation 4.

In other news, Melo shared a new image from Andromeda's multiplayer. This picture shows the new feature, Missions, which connect single-player and multiplayer. Take a look:

Andromeda's multiplayer beta has been canceled, though people who attend PAX East this week can give it a try.

We also recently learned Andromeda's multiplayer will feature packs containing items that can be unlocked through gameplay or by spending real money.

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