More Compilation of Final Fantasy VII details

Square Enix makes official announcements about FFVII spin-offs.


Although details on Square Enix's various Final Fantasy VII spin-off projects--collectively known as Compilation of Final Fantasy VII--have been available for a long time now, the company today released an official statement containing new and expanded information on the three projects.

The first of the three, the mobile phone RPG Before Crisis: Final Fantasy VII, officially launched today in Japan. The game has been in beta testing for nearly a month, and Square recently released information on the game's "materia synthesis" battle system, which uses the phone's digital camera and allows players to cooperate during gameplay.

While no international release of the game has been announced, Square Enix's statement notes that "releases in other territories are pending based on the regions' cellular handset technology."

Little new information was revealed about the direct-to-DVD movie Final Fantasy VII Advent Children, but Square Enix did tout the work's recent invitation to the Venice International Film Festival, in the new category of "Cinema Digitale." Festival director Marco Muller called Advent Children "one of the few movies to demonstrate the impressive talent of its young creators," praising its "cutting-edge cinematic innovations."

Finally, Square Enix revealed new storyline details on Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII, the PlayStation 2 action title starring FFVII alum Vincent Valentine. The storyline summary that Square Enix provided is below; note that other characters from FFVII will "join" Vincent in his adventure.

"Dirge of Cerberus begins with the sudden appearance of a mysterious group raiding local towns. They are known as the Deep Ground Soldiers (DG Soldiers), a band of warriors driven to hide underground because of the disastrous meteor. Our hero, Vincent Valentine, is somehow connected with these events, yet in what way remains unclear. And when the world is veiled in darkness, it is his revolver that will ring out the dirge...But Vincent won't be alone--he'll be joined by other characters from Final Fantasy VII."

Finally, it is interesting to note that Square Enix considers Compilation of Final Fantasy VII to be the company's first steps toward what it termed at this year's E3 to be "polymorphic content." Square Enix defines this strategy as "providing well-known properties on several platforms, allowing exposure of the products to as wide an audience as possible."

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