More Black Friday PS4 and Xbox One Console Deals Revealed

Black Friday approaches.


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Sam's Club's Black Friday deals have been revealed, and included among them are some gaming offers.

There are two gaming deals to be had at Sam's Club for Black Friday, including PlayStation 4 and Xbox One bundles. As posted on BFAds, one of the offers is the Uncharted 4 PS4 slim bundle for $250 instead of $300. On the Xbox One side, the 500 GB Battlefield 1 and Minecraft bundles are marked down to $250. Additionally, Sam's Club is throwing in an extra white Xbox One controller with these.

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The Sam's Club Black Friday advertisement states that some deals will be available through the retailer's website on the evening of Thanksgiving--November 24. The store will open its physical doors for shoppers on November 25, starting at 7 AM, though this may vary by state.

If you're in the market for a new Xbox One, Dell will offer an even better deal on Black Friday. The store will sell the 500 GB Battlefield 1 bundle with a free copy of Gears of War 4 and an extra Xbox One controller for $250.

Keep checking back with GameSpot in the days and weeks ahead for more on the best Black Friday gaming deals.

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Brack Friday Bunderu

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@mirage_so3: brack Friday bunduru

South park 2014

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I predict PS VR sales will drop like rocks and they'll have to put out some bundles on Black Friday at a reasonable price. Here's hoping.

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Give me the good ish already

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BF1 Black Friday :D

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@rosinmonkekyx17: are you suggesting they make a new war game called "black friday 1" or just an expansion conversion of battlefield 1 of black friday. :)

either way it might be to violent.

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@wanderz: Lol a Battlefield on Black Friday where one plays as the shoppers as they fight over sofas and TV's

This needs to happen

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No playstation 4 pro deals announced? Even a PS+ card would be a nice way to sweeten the deal.

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@fetcher: Probably not seeing as its a new system and it's just about to release.

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@fetcher: A holiday bundle with a game or two would be nice at least.

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@fetcher: no because PlayStation sucks

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@PsychicKiller82: wow. You couldn't be a bigger troll could you?

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@129260: This is not trolling it's his opinion more likely.

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@129260: There are bigger and dare I say dumber...

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@129260: Don't encourage him, I'm sure he could be a much bigger troll...