More Battlefield 4 microtransactions now available to help you catch up with your friends

DICE now letting you buy Battlepacks with real money; $1 for Bronze, $2 for Silver, or $3 for Gold.

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Battlefield 4 developer DICE has announced that beginning today, you can buy Battlepacks--bundles of content that include a mix of in-game items--using real world money. Bronze, Silver, and Gold Battlepacks are available now for purchase through Origin, Battlelog, or through the in-game marketplace on Xbox Live and PlayStation Store. Pricing is as follows:

  • Bronze Battlepack - $1
  • Silver Battlepack - $2
  • Gold Battlepack - $3

Paying real money for the Battlepacks is of course not the only way to acquire Battlepacks. You can also do so through standard gameplay progression. DICE says it's offering the Battlepacks for real money so players can have a shortcut option to catch up with their friends.

EA says Battlepacks do not give gameplay advantages, instead only offering greater customization options. They contain random combinations of knives, dog tags, camouflage, weapon/vehicle paints, or even experience boosts.

This isn't the first instance of microtransactions for Battlefield 4. You can also spend $50 on a "buy-everything" pack that includes all class and weapon upgrades.

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