More Anarchy this winter

Funcom expands its MMORPG with Anarchy Online - Lost Eden; expansion includes new units and areas to explore.


Funcom, the Norwegian developer of the Longest Journey series of adventure games, announced today that its massively multiplayer online science-fiction role-playing game, Anarchy Online, will receive a new expansion pack this winter. This infusion of content is subtitled Lost Eden, and it will focus heavily on new territory orbiting the planet of Rubi-Ka.

After the violent incursion of the alien invaders on the planet, humanity has decided that the only way to defeat the invaders is to build massive orbital battle stations near Rubi-Ka's orbit.

"The ability to raid and control orbital battle stations, steer powerful battle mechs, fight inside the motherships, and new character advancement options should bring great fun to all of our players," said game director Morten Byom.

The Lost Eden expansion will escalate the conflict between two of the game's major factions: the Omni-Tek and the Clan. The remaining faction, the neutrals, will also be able to partake in the larger conflict but has less incentive to do so than the two warring sides.

New in this expansion are SAM sites and sentry guns to guard Notum bases; player-controlled battle mechs; new quests, weapons, armor, abilities, and skills; and the dangerous orbiting battle platforms. Players must fight for control of these platforms, and plumb the depths of alien motherships.

Last December, Funcom began offering the basic gameplay package of Anarchy Online for free. Then, in February, the company announced that it would begin placing in-game ads to help bolster its bottom line. While the basic game is now free, players must pay a monthly fee to use the games' many expansion packs.

The expansion will not arrive in time for the game's fourth anniversary this June 25.

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