Moore on Sega

Sega's Peter Moore discusses SegaNet and shows NFL 2K1.


At the currently ongoing Ziff-Davis Electronic Gaming Summit, Sega of America president and COO Peter Moore discussed Sega's online strategy and its plans to present a complete gaming bundle with the Dreamcast console, its software, and the SegaNet ISP and network gaming hub. Although much of the information covered has been discussed before, Moore specifically stressed that Sega will have to be in touch with consumer needs and be innovative in its marketing and development. In speaking of the September 7 launch of SegaNet, Moore stated that its launch will introduce a new paradigm in console gaming, particularly considering the high consumer demand for the introduction of networked console games. Additionally, he reiterated that, despite the Dreamcast's early struggles, Sega is pleased with the sales of the console. The Dreamcast has an installed base of 2.1 million users during its first year in the US, and it has sold more than 9.1 million pieces of first- and third-party software in that time, according to Moore.

The highlight of the conference was the first public showing of NFL 2K1 being played online, as Peter Moore and a Sega employee in the company's San Francisco headquarters squared off over the Internet. From selecting the team and modes to the actual gameplay itself, the game's performance over SegaNet went without a hitch. Moore explained that using Sega's own regionally specific servers and developing SegaNet specifically as a gaming ISP will provide the lowest latency for consumers. Moore summed up the gaming focus of SegaNet by saying, "SegaNet is an online arcade that is disguised as an ISP."

Additionally, Peter Moore touched briefly on the company's multimillion dollar ad campaign supporting the launch of SegaNet and related products. He reiterated that Sega will release a new set of ads supporting the network gaming portal, and that they will be unveiled on SegaNet's September 7 launch. Interestingly, Moore explained that the new ads will end with the familiar Sega scream - made popular by the Genesis ads. Finally, Moore confirmed that any Dreamcast owners that sign up for the SegaNet service, regardless of when they purchased their Dreamcast consoles, will receive 50 free hours.

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