Monument Valley May Be Coming To PC Later This Year

The delightful puzzle game is will no longer be exclusive to mobile platforms.


Monument Valley is set to come to PC in 2022. The indie puzzle game launched in 2014--can you believe it's been eight years--for iOS and Android mobile devices, before also releasing for Windows Phone in 2015.

Monument Valley director Jennifer Estaris revealed the announcement to while talking about the upcoming third installment to the series. This new game does not currently have a release date, though it is being designed to tackle the ongoing climate crisis.

"I can't say more about [the next Monument Valley], but what I can talk about is the nice side benefit of the experimentation we have been doing: the original Monument Valley is playing gorgeously on landscape and on PC--this experience is something we are hoping to release sometime this year," Estaris said.

In Monument Valley, you play as Princess Ida, who journeys into a series of mazes composed of optical illusions in order to seek forgiveness for a past mistake. Its sequel, 2017's Monument Valley II features the same illusion-based puzzles, but has a far more prominent story, one that focuses on two characters--a mother, Ro, and her child.

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