Monthly Sea Of Thieves Updates Will Kick Off With Dark Relics

You can start by gathering some Dark Relics to unlock special loot.

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Rare has announced a new update cadence for Sea of Thieves, promising new content on a regular monthly schedule. The studio says that updates will begin dropping on the second Wednesday of every month, giving the community a more predictable schedule to clear their calendar and take to the high seas.

The new schedule starts with this month's update, Dark Relics. It features spooky skeletons stealing dangerous artifacts, which you can trade for gold and rep. Plus the update includes special challenges for pirate legends, Reaper's Mark chests with special loot, grappling hooks for your dinghies, and more. Check out the trailer below to see it all in action.

Sea of Thieves had a rough launch with middling reviews, but Rare has continued to add more content on a regular basis with free updates. Those included a big anniversary update and a ship that paid homage to the Halo series.

As a first-party game from Microsoft, Sea of Thieves was included with Xbox Game Pass at launch, and it's still available through the subscription service if you want to give these latest updates a whirl. One third-party developer recently revealed that, somewhat counter-intuitively, being included on Game Pass appears to have dramatically boosted its sales. For more on Microsoft's strategy surrounding Game Pass as it heads into the next generation, check out our in-depth interview with Xbox head Phil Spencer.

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