Month in Review: August 2005

This feature includes the games of the month and our monthly buyers' guide.

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Games of the Month for August 2005

Welcome to GameSpot's Month in Review, where we look back at the games that GameSpot has reviewed for the month and recommend the cream of the crop in our Game of the Month awards. If you're a GameSpot Complete member looking to catch up on the many game reviews that GameSpot has put together for the month of August, download the PDF Buyer's Guide for a full list. Otherwise, read on for this month's awards. The editors gathered together and weighed in on the games that were released and finally picked the winners. Remember, only those games that GameSpot has reviewed within the month may actually qualify. Without further ado, let's take a look at GameSpot's Game of the Month awards for the month of August, 2005.

Advance Wars: Dual Strike (DS)

No Caption Provided"The brilliantly designed, addictive Advance Wars series of strategy games has found itself a comfortable new home on the Nintendo DS, and it couldn't be more welcome. Originally created for the Game Boy Advance back in 2001, Advance Wars now is on to its third installment, which significantly broadens the scope of this very deep and incredibly fun series while not messing with the fundamentals that made it so great. The result is Advance Wars: Dual Strike, the biggest and in many ways best game in the series yet. It offers a tremendous value and is sure to provide you with hour after hour of fun-filled, surprisingly brisk turn-based gameplay. A terrific presentation and tons of different modes of play, in addition to some great Wi-Fi multiplayer support, put this one way over the top. It's arguably the first must-have game for the Nintendo DS, and it's a perfect excuse to get the system if you haven't already." - Greg Kasavin

Nintendogs (DS)

No Caption Provided"You'd have to have a cold heart indeed to not be charmed by the bright eyes and madly wagging tails of the wonderfully lifelike Nintendogs. The game's boisterous and affectionate young canines are impossibly endearing, making the tasks of caring for them, training them, and simply interacting with them a joy. That Nintendogs occasionally limits some of your activities in what is already a streamlined set of options is pretty much the only bad thing you can say about the virtual puppy game. However, the game is at its best in short, satisfying bursts, and is suited to dog lovers of all ages." - Bethany Massimilla

The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction (GC, Xbox, PS2)

No Caption Provided"In many ways, The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction is exactly what a quality single-player adventure based on a license ought to be. It pays ample service to the Hulk fan base through numerous obscure references to assorted comic-book bric-a-brac and lots of unlockable materials, and it manages to get the game portion of the equation down pat, creating a world well-suited to Hulk and his destructive tendencies. Sure, it isn't the deepest, longest, or most technically proficient game out there, but fans of the comic book are sure to have a blast smashing their way through every destructible obstacle the game throws at them, and anybody else with a penchant for obliteration ought to at least give Ultimate Destruction a look." - Alex Navarro

Lord of the Rings Trilogy (Mobile)

No Caption Provided"This game's royal production values stand out in a crowded field, as does its lengthy, challenging campaign. Overall, The Lord of the Rings Trilogy is a great action game that plays more like a 16-bit console game than a mobile game. Although it focuses on finding switches and navigating mazes rather than platforming, it's very much in the same class as Gameloft's Splinter Cell games, the genre's de facto gold standard. We highly recommend it, even to nonfans." - Steve Palley

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