Monster Rancher 4 coming soon

Tecmo announces that its latest monster-breeding adventure game has gone gold and will arrive in stores later this month.


Monster Rancher 4

Tecmo has today announced that Monster Rancher 4 has gone gold. The story-driven adventure game, which is currently scheduled for release on November 17, will see players assuming the role of a young monster breeder named Phan who is attempting to make a life for himself on an island after stowing away on a cargo ship.

"After a tremendous amount of resources and time spent developing, localizing, and marketing the game, we are very pleased to say that the next-generation Monster Rancher is almost out the door," said Anthony Tarpey, Tecmo's marketing manager. "With tremendous anticipation for the title, we hope to show those fans and gamers out there what a true leap this Monster Rancher really is over prior games in the series. Our teams have worked diligently to produce the best Monster Rancher 4 possible."

For more information on Monster Rancher 4, check out our previous coverage of the game.

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