Monster-Hunting Game Evolve Gets Some Cool 3D Printing Models

If you've got access to a 3D printer, you can print out the hunters and monsters from Evolve.

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Developer Turtle Rock Studios and publisher 2K Games have announced that you can now 3D print the hunters and monsters from their upcoming first-person monster-hunting game, Evolve.

The designs for the eight announced hunters and two announced monsters are available to download for free on Evolve's website. All you need is access to a 3D printer. If you own one, you can simply load the files into the printer and create the models. Otherwise, you can submit and buy the printed models from 3D printing shops like Sculpteo and Shapeways. From the pictures, the models--especially the Goliath monster figure--look pretty cool.

The hype surrounding Evolve has been steadily growing over the past months. At the E3 conference this year, the game received the E3 Critics Game of the Show award. You can learn more about Evolve with our extensive Next Big Game coverage that includes previews of a bunch of the game's characters.

Evolve launches on October 21 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. You can sign up for the PC alpha right now.

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