Monster Hunter X Screenshots Show New Cat Companions

Plus, lots of angry monsters.


Capcom has released a number of new screenshots for Monster Hunter X, showing off a selection of monsters, as well as Palicoes.

The monsters include Dinobaruto, which has a rather large tail and swings it around to deal high damage to any unsuspecting Hunters; Zinogre, an electricity type beast; Tigrex, a flying type that can move very quickly; and Rathalos, which seasoned Monster Hunters have come to know quite intimately.

Take a look at all the new screenshots below.

Click image to view in full screen
Click image to view in full screen

Capcom announced Monster Hunter X for the 3DS during a Nintendo Direct in May 2015.

Although it is built on the same engine as the last entry in the series, Monster Hunter X will feature new monsters, actions, and attacks. It will also give players several towns and locations to play in. Some will be brand new, while others will be from previous Monster Hunter games.

Combined with Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate's Japanese counterpart, Monster Hunter 4G, sales of that game had already eclipsed 3 million units as of February.

Monster Hunter X is set to launch winter 2015.

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