Monster Hunter World's Rathalos Appearance In Final Fantasy 14 Detailed

Some sweet loot awaits if you can down a dragon.


Monster Hunter: World is crossing over into the realm of Final Fantasy XIV, and vice-versa, with two big iconic monster fights. Final Fantasy players can take on a Rathalos and earn themselves armor and a mount, while Monster Hunter players can take on the Behemoth.

A new trailer showcases the Rathalos fight against four players. Beating the Rathalos appears to grant you some Rathalos armor, distinct from the Monster Hunter armor set, as well as a Rathalos mount. You can start taking on the encounter at the Azim Steppe on August 7.

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The crossover makes sense, given that both Japanese RPGs are known for their massive beast boss encounters and even a similar visual style. The Behemoth encounter in Monster Hunter seems right up its alley as well, and is sure to reward raiders with some Behemoth armor.

Monster Hunter has been a smash success for Capcom, thanks to a buzz that has been building over the course of the series that seems to have come to a head this year. Capcom has kept the word-of-mouth going with a series of crossover events with other games--including other Capcom franchises like Mega Man, Devil May Cry, and Street Fighter, and third-party games like Horizon: Zero Dawn. It's coming to PC on August 9, and you can check the specs here.

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