Monster Hunter World's Latest Patch Fixes Delivery Quest Glitch

Delivery quests disappearing on you? This patch should save the day.


If you have been playing Monster Hunter World: Iceborne lately and have been running into issues with a bugged delivery quest, we have good news for you! Iceborne version 15.11's patch update is now live and will squash those bugs.

In the previous version of Iceborne, 15.10, delivery quests would disappear from the list at the Resource Center when playing on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles in offline mode. This bug made it impossible to complete these quests, which was a pretty significant drag on the Monster Hunter experience. If you play in online mode, those quests should reappear anyway, but with the 15.11 update, even players who want to remain offline will no longer see delivery quests up and vanish on them.

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The bug was originally discovered by Twitter user JalBagel, a Monster Hunter speedrunner, during a charity stream back in early December. He noticed that while playing with an offline mod on Steam, the delivery quests were disappearing. This was noticeably strange since JalBagel knew that prior to the game's Movie Event Quest update, delivery quests were not going missing.

He tweeted a video of the glitch to Capcom and the Monster Hunter team to let them know and to encourage them to check if the bug was also found on PS4 and Xbox One in offline modes. Turns out it was. JalBagel also reported the bug to Capcom's customer support, and received confirmation of the bug from the dev team, with them citing poor internet connections or server outages as the reason for the glitching.

Now that the Monster Hunter team has made good on getting this fixed, players and particularly speedrunners can continue to play without worrying about how missing delivery quests will impact their hunts.

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