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Monster Hunter World's Endgame Includes More Than Just New Monsters To Hunt

Hunting is your life now.


Monster Hunter World is a sprawling adventure with a seemingly straightforward premise: hunt increasingly more powerful monsters. But if you've reached the end of the game's initial story, then you know that there's a plethora of content that's only available to the most dedicated and skilled of hunters. In the video above, we break down what kind of content you can expect to find as you venture into high-rank hunting territory. Consider the video above somewhat spoilery if you want to find out what the Monster Hunter endgame is on your own.

Suffice to say, clearing up the Zorah Magdaros story isn't the end of Monster Hunter World; there are a number of powerful monsters that only make their presence known in the game's High Rank quests. And even after the credits roll, there's a whole new type of item to collect that you won't find until the real endgame. If you were ever worried about running out of new creatures to turn into clothes, Monster Hunter World keeps introducing entirely new beasts and variations on the early line-up on a regular basis.

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Even if you haven't made it quite that far yet, Monster Hunter World has more approachable extra content on the way as well. In addition to the PS4-exclusive Horizon Zero Dawn outfits, there are some Street Fighter V cosmetics on the way soon. And if you need help with any of the early or late-game quests and missions, we have a complete roundup of our Monster Hunter review and guides right here.

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