Monster Hunter World Update Out On PS4 And Xbox One; Here Are The Patch Notes

Squad issues on PS4 have been addressed, but matchmaking remains a problem on Xbox One.

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A new update for Monster Hunter World recently arrived. Capcom launched the patch late last week on both PS4 (version 1.05) and Xbox One (, and it resolves some of the issues that have plagued the multiplayer experience. It also makes some balance changes--hopefully you weren't too reliant on Slicing ammo.

The balance changes deal exclusively with the ammo used by two of the ranged weapon types. With the Light Bowgun and Heavy Bowgun, Normal ammo (1/2/3), Pierce ammo (1/2/3), and non-Dragon elemental ammo have all received an unspecified damage increase. However, Slicing ammo's power has been decreased, and it should have less of an effect if it happens to hit another player. In a further nerf to Slicing ammo, players can now carry a maximum of 30 Slashberries on them at a time. If you were carrying more than that before installing the update, you'll be able to use any extras before the new limit is imposed.

As for the Squad problems on PS4, Capcom says it's addressed the issue where Squad features would be rendered inaccessible and players would be told, "Failed to retrieve squad information. Please wait and try again." Unfortunately, Capcom says that players who created a Squad and were affected by this will have lost any Squad data. As a result, they'll need to recreate their Squad (essentially the game's equivalent of clans). Additionally, Capcom has dealt with a bug that allowed non-Squad members to join a Squad session without an invite, as well as one where Squad members were unable to do so.

Monster Hunter World's Xbox One version hasn't been without its own issues related to online play. Unfortunately, the problems with matchmaking aren't addressed here, with Capcom stating, "Our development team is also working tirelessly on pinpointing the issues with matchmaking on Xbox One. We apologize for the delay and appreciate your continued patience and support as we track down and solve these issues."

Capcom's advice to players who can't successful use matchmaking is to try getting online through a different means. It says, "You may still be able to create online lobbies, join others' lobbies via 'Filter Search,' 'Invite a Friend,' connect via Xbox One LFG, or join hunts by using the 'Respond to SOS' feature." Adjusting your settings to get your NAT type set to Open at the system level can also help.

The remainder of the patch deals with some other nagging issues, such as a quest not being available to players when it should be. It also fixes a problem that made it so the 5 Million Celebration Item Pack was not claimable. To give those players more time to grab it, it will now be available through February 22.

You can check out the full patch notes here. PS4 players have now run out of time to acquire the first Horizon: Zero Dawn gear, but more is on the way, as are Street Fighter V and Mega Man items.

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It's funny when a non PVP, potentially single player game with no micortransaction nerfs a weapon.


Were people having too much fun Capcom?!

Do you get pleased through some sadistic infliction of misery through grind?

What purpose in the world could this possibly serve?!

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Read the article again. They didn't nerf a weapon.

They slightly nerfed one ammo type (slicing).
They buffed 10 other ammo types to compensate (n1, n2, n3, p1, p2, p3, thunder, fire, water, ice).

I've played almost every game in the series, and one ammo type being utterly, stupidly overpowered wasn't fun. Different guns should have different strengths and weaknesses; there should be a reason to use different guns on occasion. Instead, slice-focused guns were just ALWAYS the best by a mile. Heck, slicing is STILL clearly the best general-use ammo type.

In Monster Hunter Generations, the guns were balanced such that I had a stable of about 12 guns, each with a specialized purpose: one for explosives, one for rapid-pierce, one for status, one for each element, one for normal 3's, one for siege-fire, one for dazzle-shot, and several that were combinations between each of those. Gunning never got old in hundreds of hours. In MHW, it had already gotten old because slicing trivialized everything else.

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@AtheistPreacher: I read the argument. That slicing ammo was my 1st ammo of choice.

If and ammo type takes away from your experience, use another.

What you have now, is the same name with what essentially is a different ammo type. The old one was taken out.

I would like to decide how I experience the game I paid for, myself, thank you very much.

I don't like it when a publisher decides how I can enjoy the game better.

(Can't wait for this to come out on PC so I cheat the living heck out of it and save myself days worth of grind to use the weapon and armor I actually like and enjoy).

Avatar image for AtheistPreacher


Of course it was your "1st ammo of choice". It was for EVERYONE, because it was obscenely overpowered compared to everything else. That was my point (and, clearly, the developer's point).

It's not like this is a point being made in a vacuum. Take Borderlands 2. The Bee was stupidly overpowered, and trivialized the game. The smart decision would've been to give it a sizable nerf. Instead, they made the entire game harder to compensate for how good the Bee was, such that you NEEDED to use the Bee, or the game was impossible. Anyone who wanted to use other things? Screw them I guess.

Or, take Diablo 3. They hardly ever nerf anything, instead they just buff the bejezuz out of everything around OP items to try to bring things to parity, and in the process make the pool of high-end playstyles smaller and smaller and smaller because of inflated set multipliers. Before the numbers got huge, there was a lot more room for creative builds.

Long story short: if you want one EZ-mode ammo that is the best at everything, feel free to play the game unpatched.

The vast majority of us would like to play more than one way, and don't want something in the game that's so strong, the rest of our options field like cardboard cutouts by comparison.

I'm excited that I get to use other ammo types now without feeling like I'm wasting my time (since they all got buffed to be within shouting distance of slicing, even though slicing, again, IS STILL THE BEST). It's unbelievable to me the amount of complaining about a nerf small enough that the nerfed item is still best-in-class. The point of Monster Hunter has always been conquering tough fights, so why the need to have OP things to make monsters roll over for you?

Avatar image for proceeder

@AtheistPreacher: Please don't take this the wrong way.

But, it seems to me that you are trying to make a point at the expense of your own credibility.

If you cannot make the choice to use other weapons/ammo types since one option is game breaking, as you make it out to be, then you're undermining your own agency. And for what? A game?!

If a weapon puts the game on "EZ-mode" if it undermines your "creative builds", the choice is simple: use just another ammo-type/weapon. Unless, you're arguing this new ammo type which happens to be called "slicing ammo" is something you have been looking forward to. Don't encourage forced changes.

I actually got tired of both heavy and light bowguns (since I was too vulnerable when using them) and moved to lances and gunlances.

The numbers on the screen suggest that gunlances of the same tier are more powerful (more tanky with higher DPS) than their bowgun counterparts, am I missing something?

Also, please, let me know how I can play the game un-patched (sincere question, not sarcasm).

Avatar image for AtheistPreacher


Wait, so I gave two examples where lack of thoughtful balancing made games worse experiences, but I'm the one undermining my credibility?

And where did I say I don't use other weapons? I DO use other weapons. In fact I mostly play Bow, GS, and GL. I have only trotted out the bowguns for a total of maybe 2 hours out of about 140 hours of playtime, and they were boring for two reasons: one, slicing made the game too easy. Since damage is done entirely after the shot lands, so crit distance is irrelevant, making it the safest shot type in the entire game. And that's entirely besides the point that the damage on it is crazy, and outclasses every other weapon type. The second reason the bowguns were boring to me is the other meat-and-potato ranged ammo types (normal, pierce, element) weren't very good, and were generally outclassed by all the other weapon types. The nukes like cluster, and spread shots seemed fine, but those are situational.

Now that this patch has balanced the terrible shot types to be less terrible, and the OP one to be slightly less OP, I'm much more inclined to use bowgun. As other positive knock-on effects, I don't have the thought in the back of my mind when grinding equipment that I COULD be doing this faster with the boring OP weapon, instead of one that's fun to play. I am also more likely to be able to go online to play with randoms, and find games that don't have two slice gunners in them.

I'm not "encouraging forced choices". I'm reveling in the fact that there IS a choice now as far as "most effective weapon" is concerned, because they buffed the bad ammos and nerfed the OP one a bit. I still can't comprehend why you like having a single thing that's overwhelmingly better than everything else, rather than having multiple competitive top-tier options. But then you say at the bottom of your post that you can't wait for the PC version so you can hack/cheat, so I guess maybe you're just not interested in being challenged at all.

And I have no idea what you're about with your "new ammo type which happens to be called "slicing ammo"" is coming from. For the third time, it is still the best ammo in the game, and it behaves the same way, just with slightly smaller numbers.

By "more vulnerable" with bowguns, I think you mean less armor, but you're not really "more vulnerable". It's a tradeoff for being able to do damage at range. You should hardly ever be getting hit with LBG in particular, since it's so mobile, and slicing compounds that by not needing to be in critical distance while still doing 80+ damage per shot against weakpoints.

Gunlance explosions may be more powerful per shell, but slicing does multiple hits per shot that add up to more than any Gunlance shell can do, with the exception of charged long-type shots. And, you can't fire charged shells with GL nearly as fast, and you have to sit stationary and helpless within melee range to use them. Biiiiiig difference.

To play the game unpatched, all you need to do is delete your game data (not your "save game data", your game data). That will bring it back to version 1.0, what's on the disc. Then you can just cancel any updates that happen to pop up. If you bought it digital, I'm not sure if they update the executable that's in the store or not as new versions are released, but you could try deleting game data and then re-downloading, and canceling any patch download that initiates at the same time.

Avatar image for proceeder

@AtheistPreacher: Thanks that actually makes sense.

I'm glad we discussed this.

Now, I can see how these changes can improve your play-style & that of others.

But, I still feel it would have a negative effect on mine. Since, as you said, I don't care much for a challenge if it requires too much time. I am way too busy to give this game the time it demands to wear the armor I like or the weapon I'd like to use (that doesn't mean my time is more valuable it just means I'm more occupied, I hope that doesn't come across as pretentious).

Avatar image for AtheistPreacher


Actually, it doesn't come off as pretentious, with that last comment you made, haha. Not gonna lie, your comments were rubbing me the wrong way, but your last post made me understand better where you're coming from.

Monster Hunter is a huge grind, man. The grind kinda is the game, and long-time vets like me like it that way. We relish the challenge, and we take it as a given that we will dump 500+ hours into every edition to get all the equipment we want. I got friends who also like the game but feel the same way you seem to: they want to enjoy all the content, but they just want to skip to end-game, and don't like they grind. They want to put 50-100 hours in and call it done, and frankly, the game was set up to play for thousands of hours, not 100.

Your point that you want to enjoy games the way you want to enjoy them is fair; as I said, you have the ability to play it unpatched, and more power to you. In fact, there is even a decoration duping glitch they patched as part of 1.05. If you want to reduce the grind in an unpatched version of the game before it hits PC, go ahead and look it up. I got no problem with anyone doing what they want to do with their game, as long as it doesn't affect MY experience!

But as you seem to understand now, your opinion on game balance changes just doesn't match the opinion of most of the Monster Hunter playerbase (or at least, not the long-time fans like me that Capcom is clearly trying to keep happy). Grossly unbalanced things do make it a less interesting game for a LOT of people, so I'm happy they made the change.

Anyway, glad this conversation got more amicable, haha. BTW, you said you had switched off guns to Lance/Gunlance. FYI, Lance is super-solid and awesome. Gunlance is fun but a little weird: less mobility than Lance, shelling isn't affected by attack stats at all and leaves you vulnerable often, but the advantage of shelling is that you can hit monster parts which aren't weak points, and do the same damage as on weak points. Gunlance shelling is unique like that. So it's a good weapon to have in the toolbelt, but not something I get top kill-times with all the time. If you're having a rough time in general and want to go melee, I'd say Dual Blades, Sword & Shield, Lance, and Longsword (which has a parry!) are all awesome jumping-off points.

Avatar image for Ohaidere

@proceeder: balance plays a huge role in progression pve games.

Avatar image for proceeder

@Ohaidere: Excuse me, but, since when is balance a problem in MH?

Is it balanced for a 1.75 m character to swing a 2m sword?

Should a 1.75 m character be able to topple a 10 m monster?

Are the DPSs between all weapons the same?

Also, balancing what against what? My weapon #1 against my weapon #2? So I would have a fair chance competing against myself?!

Avatar image for Ohaidere

@proceeder: I never mentioned a word about realism in MH. Not the same as balance, so don't be ridiculous.

Balance is important in PvE games; if it was a one dimensional spam fest it wouldn't be MH. That's why the ammo got a nerf. I didn't say they should all be the same, but certain things improve the quality of the game.

Avatar image for proceeder

@Ohaidere: So, do I understand your point being:

You hated this ammotype so much that it reduced "the quality of the game".

How did that happen?

Were you forced to use it? Why did you continue to use it if it reduced the quality of your experience? If you stopped using it, then, how could it possibly continue to affect your game?

I'm sorry but I don't understand what you mean by "spam-fest". Most bowguns I have been using could only hold one slicing ammo in the chamber and I only had 30 of them. I also could not move while shooting.

I've seen spamming be used for bullet spraying SMGs and ARs in other games, not a one shot rifle.

Avatar image for Ohaidere

@proceeder: I'm not going waste my time arguing balance and game design with someone who clearly understands neither. Happy hunting.

Avatar image for proceeder

@Ohaidere: I assume you won't respond to this (and frankly, I'm not looking forward to your response after the last one came across as pompous & offensive).

But, I will leave a response for anyone else who may read this thread.

I have been playing videogames and reading reviews for 19 years now. But, I admit I am not a game-designer who's worked on any AAA title (maybe you are).

I also have passed academic courses on mathematical logic, rhetoric & philosophy.

But I wrote all the above to come to this point (which I have learned throughout my limited education):

A response left on a public thread is not meant to be tailored to 1 person (in this case: me). If there was a valid argument, not hidden behind jargon, why not present it instead of insulting me?

Any way, "happy hunting" to you too.

Avatar image for oasisbeyond77

Looks like I'll wait for GOTY Edition... I've learned my lesson... Finally.

Avatar image for otterbee

@oasisbeyond77: GOTY Edition? What makes you think they're going to have that? Doesn't a GOTY Edition typically include all previous paid DLC? If all the major DLC for this game is going to be free, then I fail to see how you'll benefit (at least financially) from a GOTY Edition.

Avatar image for RSM-HQ

@otterbee: Even then, my bet is this'll be the first Monster Hunter game outside of MH:Online that get the expansion as a download to make it Monster Hunter: WorldG/ Frontier when G-Rank maps and Monsters drop.

I can't see them prepackaging the game exclusively, thinking it'll work like Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition.

So yes, World will likely have a GotY edition, this is nothing new to the Monster Hunter series.

However, that version will also see patches all the time. Monster Hunter adds Events on a regular basis so gaming online regardless is always a benefit.

Avatar image for maitkarro

@oasisbeyond77: And then you'll be whining that nobody is really playing it anymore, or if they do they all are extra hardcore advanced.

Avatar image for RSM-HQ

@oasisbeyond77: Why? these are minor fixes and balancing some OP weapons/ ammo/ items.

Avatar image for Firosen

People are still playing this?

Avatar image for millionsedge

@Firosen: well I got the sarcasm...

Avatar image for gamer12

@millionsedge: I have no clue how sarcasm works :(

Avatar image for Dragon_Nexus

@Firosen: Well obviously, it only came out a couple of weeks ago, dude. We can't all ADHD our way through our games library.

Avatar image for nefphlegm

@Firosen: Somebody gotta beta test it for PC in the Fall.