Monster Hunter World: The Board Game Kickstarter Launches April 20

A Kickstarter for a board game adaptation of Monster Hunter World will launch on April 20.


A Kickstarter campaign for Monster Hunter World: The Board Game will launch later this week. First announced back in January, the Monster Hunter board game aims to bring the beast-slaying action of the beloved series to physical boards for the first time.

While details on how the game plays are thin on the ground, developer Steamforged Games has previously developed several other physical titles based on popular video games, including Resident Evil 2, Ni no Kuni 2, and Dark Souls. As you might expect, different versions of the Monster Hunter board game will feature different minis to represent each of the game's fearsome foes, with higher Kickstarter pledges resulting in more monsters to fight.

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If you want all the content, the game's "All-In Pledge" will run you $279--quite a sum to be sure, but not unheard of when it comes to mini-heavy board games. If you're interested in learning more about Monster Hunter World: The Board Game, Steamforged has scribed many blog posts on the game's core mechanics. Polygon's Charlie Hall recently got some hands-on time with a prototype of the game, and he was fairly impressed by it, comparing it favorably to Kingdom Death: Monster, a highly-regarded Kickstarter success story.

In other Monster Hunter news, Rise recently received a new patch that fixes a nasty bug that prevented players from opening their save games. Capcom also said that it's investigating reports that the game's Melding Pot is bugged.

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