Monster Hunter World: Tempered Deviljho Quest Returns Soon

The fearsome variant will be back during the Spring Blossom Fest.


Last week's big Monster Hunter World content update brought the dreaded Deviljho into the New World, but that wasn't the only variant of the monster to arrive in the game. Over the weekend, Capcom quietly gave players a chance to take on the even more fearsome Tempered Deviljho through a very short-lived Event Quest. Fortunately, if you missed out on the quest the first time around, you'll have another chance to participate in it soon.

On Twitter, Capcom announced that the Tempered Deviljho Event Quest will return again as part of the upcoming Spring Blossom Fest. "Hope you enjoyed our special Tempered Deviljho surprise this weekend," the official Monster Hunter Twitter account tweeted. "Look forward to it as part of the Event Quests happening during the Spring Blossom Fest!"

The Spring Blossom Fest is the first seasonal event in Monster Hunter World since the game launched back in January. It begins on April 6 and runs for two weeks, ending on April 19. During the event, the Gathering Hub will be decorated with flowers and other springtime decorations, and the game will feature "daily fun activities" for players to complete.

Additionally, several new Event Quests will be available during the Spring Blossom Fest. On top of the Tempered Deviljho quest, players will be able to take one on to craft the Wyvern Ignition Great Sword, the winning submission from the community Weapon Design Contest. Shortly after that, Capcom will kick off the Event Quest to obtain the retro Mega Man Palico armor.

Deviljho arrived last week as part of a broader Monster Hunter World update for PS4 and Xbox One. Along with the new monster, players have new weapons and two new full armor sets to complete--you can see them all in our gallery. Capcom also made adjustments to nearly every weapon type in the game and implemented an anti-griefing measure that prevents other players from interrupting you while you're carving.

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