Monster Hunter: World Release Date Announced

Monster Hunter: World-wide release date revealed.

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Capcom has finally revealed Monster Hunter: World's PS4 and Xbox One release date. The action-RPG will launch worldwide on January 26, 2018. "A PC release will follow at a later date," Capcom has said in a press release. The company announced the news at Sony's Tokyo Game Show conference, alongside a new trailer and a collector's edition that includes a special art box, a copy of the game's soundtrack, and a physical action figure of a new monster called Nergigante.

In addition, Capcom and Sony revealed a special Liolaeus Edition PS4 Pro, decorated with some gorgeous Monster Hunter: World art. That PS4 model launches in Japan on December 7, though it has not yet been confirmed for a worldwide release.

Those that preorder Monster Hunter: World digitally or at select retailers will receive "special pre-order bonuses, including the Origin Set Armor and the Fair Wind Charm talisman." These offer "improved starting defense and offense stat boosts for the hunter as well as a useful gathering skill." All PSN preorders will include a custom PS4 theme.

Capcom has said "the Origin Set armor and Fair Wind Charm talisman may be made available through alternative means at a later date."

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Monster Hunter: World was first unveiled at Sony's E3 2017 press conference with a reveal trailer. Like the recent 3DS installments, players can scale walls and leap onto monsters to attack them. The trailer also showcased many new elements, such as a weapon that resembles a machine gun and a grappling hook that allows you to swing. Players also now have the ability to fire off flares.

The game's console release date has now been revealed, but we still don't know when it will come to PC--it's definitely coming, but Capcom has only said it will be after the PS4 and Xbox One versions launch. For more on Monster Hunter: World, check why we think it's a big change for the Monster Hunter series or take a look at 13 minutes of dual blade and heavy bowgun gameplay.

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Avatar image for jflkdjs

I really want that LE PS4 Pro (*_*)

Avatar image for agramonte

ah crap... NinoKuni2 is the week before.

Avatar image for huyi12

now that is how you design a special edition console i really like it but it's japan only god dam, and what about the collectors edition will that come to EU and US?

i guess if you really want everything you are going to have to import sadly.

and i wish they would stop providing the preorder themes only for digital preorders, us physical consumers needs some love also.

any hint of a playable demo at least?

Avatar image for Litchie

Meh. We'll have to wait for the best version.

Avatar image for Xristophoros

@Litchie: you mean the buggiest? yes, capcom pc ports are not known to be very good. i suppose pc gamers have gotten used to being treated as second class gamers :D

Avatar image for Litchie

@Xristophoros: Capcom ports have been good lately. And I'm not sure MH World will be much of a "port"..

Avatar image for Xristophoros

@Litchie: it is hard to overlook the resi 4 port a few years back, which is known to be among the worst pc ports out there. dmc 3 did not fare any better. it is hit or miss with capcom to say the least. i don't think there is any reason to be so confident that the pc port will be the "best version" with the awful track record of pc ports. every now and then there is a pleasant surprise, such as the valkyria chronicles port put out by sega... but we never can tell when we will be so lucky again :D

Avatar image for savagerodent

@Xristophoros: The first Dead Rising port was fine, and the RE7 port was good. Yeah bad ports are always something to happen, but if they're not going to release MHW on PC along with the console versions, then hopefully they take the extra time to make a good port.

Avatar image for Kougeru

Gotta love that existing content locked to Preorders and to be sold at a later date. The gaming industry is garbage. No other industry would be allowed to get away with that shit but everyone lets it happen here. Anything that exists at the time of release (formerly labeled as "already on the disc") should legally be part of your purchase.

Avatar image for otterbee

@Kougeru: Gotta love the sooky la las. You've gotta buy the game *somewhere*, right? So, why the whinging? Take the content and use it for the first hour in the game, until you get better gear!

Avatar image for Abomination713

@Kougeru: Oh get over it. It's starter gear that will be no better than anything else you can get.

Avatar image for wicked_laugh

I haven't heard anything about underwater locales, so I'm assuming they're none in MH:W. Kind of a bummer as they were some of my favorite moments in Tri. I hope the PC version doesn't fall apart, cause I don't feel like buying a PS4 or X1X just for this game.

Avatar image for nuke2099

Somewhere I can hear Dauntless crying in a corner.....

Avatar image for videogameninja

Wow, starting off the year with a bang. There are a few big name games supposedly coming out next year as well (God of War, Spider-man, Red-dead, Shenmue, etc...) that make me wonder if next year may rival this year's own illustrious crop of titles. That's going to be a very tall order considering this year has had a host of critically acclaimed games with still more on the way but you never know, it just might pull it off.

Either way, I don't think it will be a problem for fans of any genre to find something they like.


Avatar image for Berserk8989

@videogameninja: This year will be pretty hard to beat, considering it featured Zelda BotW, Persona 5, Nioh, Horizon Zero Dawn, Yakuza 0 & Kiwami, Nier, Resident Evil VII, the recent (apparently fantastic) Divinity OS II and still more to come till the end of the year...

2018 does have some big names coming, but I don't think there's enough of them and then there's also the question if they will deliver...

Avatar image for boesyboy

@videogameninja: oh yeah forgot about god of war. Will be an interesting game to say the least. You know because of the different formula and all. I hope its going to be good and am looking forward to read more about it.

Avatar image for gamingdevil800

@videogameninja: You sound like a company CEO giving a speech to encourage investors.

Avatar image for batusai4ever

@gamingdevil800: he wants to sound cool to become a moderator in 8 Spot


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@batusai4ever: Do moderators actually get paid?


Avatar image for olddadgamer

@gamingdevil800: Paid?



Wait, why was I laughing?


Avatar image for videogameninja

@olddadgamer: LMAO!


Avatar image for videogameninja

@gamingdevil800: That's actually a good question. I always thought they just did it out of the kindness of their hearts.


In any event, I doubt I could be a mod. I barely know how to turn on my computer let alone deal with all of the intricacies of a dynamic online forum community. Kudos to all on here (like @olddadgamer, @moonco, @AdobeArtist , @charizard1605, etc...) that have the patience and know how to stick with it. It's a thankless role.


Avatar image for videogameninja

@gamingdevil800: Well... did it work?


Avatar image for uubershikamarux

I need that PS4 pro in my life please have a western release also

Avatar image for higgls

@uubershikamarux: western release? it's a worldwide release, we all get it at the same time with merged servers

Avatar image for uubershikamarux

@higgls: The Special Edition PS4 Pro is japan only at the moment that is what I was referring to.

Avatar image for higgls

@uubershikamarux: Ah, my mistake, yeah, seems like it is Japan only, perhaps the west will get a different skin instead if not this one

Avatar image for bojan_sokol

@uubershikamarux: hm yeah looks good