Monster Hunter World: How To Get PS4's Horizon Zero Dawn Armor Sets

The PS4-exclusive weapon and armor set is coming to Monster Hunter's quests in two waves.

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Quirky crossover costumes are a regular part of the Monster Hunter experience, but the first set for Monster Hunter World makes a lot of sense: it's the metal-monster hunter Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn. The initial quest for unlocking the Palico armor has been active for a while in the PS4-exclusive add-on, but if you're curious about how the process works, we've outlined the timing and quests below to access the extras.

The Aloy armor set and bow will be available starting February 28 until March 5. Unlike other gear, you'll have to wear the entire Aloy set together--you can't just wear the pants or chest alone. And the set will also alter your appearance so that your character looks like Aloy from Horizon, complete with long red hair. We'll have more details on those quests once they're active in the game.

To unlock the Palico armor, you'll need to accept the Event quest "Lessons of the Wild," which runs until February 8. This is a 5-star quest that requires a Hunter Rank of 6 or higher. In the description, this sounds like a pretty easy hunt; all you have to do is slay 8 Barnos. And since you're fighting in an arena, you don't even have to worry about hunting them down in the environment. However, you're not alone in the battle; there's also a Tzitzi-Ya-Ku to deal with.

You're not required to take out the raptor, and if you're not using a long-range weapon, you can even use the monster's ability to help you out. Tzitzi has a flash ability that's able to knock the Barnos out of the air--as long as you're able to dodge out of the way and avoid the stun as well. If he ends up stunning you more often than he helps out, you should focus on taking him out first. While the Barnos will occasionally attack you, they're not quite as aggressive and will tend to stay out of the fight.

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After you take out the Barnos you'll earn at least one Watcher Lens, which is represented by a big question mark in your gathering inventory. To get the full set of Horizon Palico gear, you'll need 3x Watcher Lens, 1x Electro Sac, and 3x Dragonite Ore. With those items collected, to craft the gear you'll head to the Smithy. The Palico armor is located under Forge Palico Equipment -> Full Armor Sets. The Horizon-themed Palico weapon is found under Forge Palico Equipment -> Standard Equipment. At the bottom of your low-rank list you'll find the Watcher weapon. Check out the screens above for a more visual break-down of where to find everything.

The Horizon Zero Dawn content is exclusvie to PS4, but everyone will get to take part in the next costume event--a Street Fighter V crossover. While PS4 owners who have SFV save data on their console will get first dibs starting February 16, that Event Quest line will launch for other Xbox One and PS4 players at a later date. And the first big free update for the game, which will introduce the new Deviljho monster, is set to release this Spring.

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I’m only level 3, and will only have a couple hours to play tonight while it’s still technically the I stand any chance of getting the Palico armor set?

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What waste of time, instead of worrying about this nonsense why don't they add in the missing graphical details on the Xbox One X version compared to the Pro and lock the framerate at 30 fps for Pro and X? . While they are at it add some bloody actual high res assets to the X seeing it has the extra memory on offer. Such a lazy job all round with this game.

The graphics in this game look like 2010 and the washed out HDR is a disgrace.

There is not one smooth graphics option available on either console despite them offering 3 modes on each.

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@deviltaz35: I agree that the graphics aren't ideal, but I doubt that the reason for neglecting the graphics is the adding of costumes.

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@livedreamplay: i was just being sarcastic. Just can't understand the attraction people have with a stupid costume in a game. When you see the brilliance of the new Shadow of the Colossus and the actual effort they went to in making that smooth even on a base PS4 i have to wonder why people support shoddy releases like Monster Hunter World.

Avatar image for livedreamplay

@deviltaz35: Played the beta, wasn't into it, moved on. But a lot of people seem to be having a lot of fun with it for some reason.

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I'm just looking forward to fighting Jho. I kind of miss him. And I spent way too much time making my avatar look good to want her to look like that thoroughly average Aloy character.

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Avatar image for a7x_kill_la_kill

I'm actually more pumped up for the Street Fighter skins than the Horizon Zero Dawn skin..

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Good marketing, makes me want to buy the game now.

Avatar image for warrner11

Can't tell me a special event hunting the Stormbird, Thunderjaw, Rockbreaker, with some watchers and glinthawks on the side wouldn't be bitchin.

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I got it for the One X so I'm out darn it all

Avatar image for a7x_kill_la_kill

@mjac28: I have it for the One X and I could really care less for this skin... It be awesome if Capcom did a exclusive skin for Xbox users.. Like Dead Rising or something from Halo maybe?

Avatar image for deviltaz35

@a7x_kill_la_kill: Are you as disgusted at how it performs and looks on the X? . This was the first shock i have had for a so called enhanced title yet. It just looks like a cross between a 360 and standard Xbox title.

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@deviltaz35: l know l am it doesn't look as good as l thought it would and washed out is a perfect description.

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@deviltaz35: Well the game itself looks "Washed out" through HDR and I'm pretty shocked to see that.. Capcom should do something about that and they are "less concern" over Xbox than PS4..

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@a7x_kill_la_kill: dress up your palico like cuphead would be good

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@a7x_kill_la_kill: That would be cool and now I'm like you I could care less and I love Zero Dawn.

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@mjac28: Everytime I watch a video from that game, it seems less appealing.. People overhyped that game like it was nothing.. Sooo there you go.

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i'm a little annoyed that this is a limited time event. I was planning on picking this game up after more of the content had released in a month or two and after my own finances had stabilized post holidays and such. Having them tell me that its now or never just annoys me enough not to pick up the game till its on discount now.

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@kagatoac: Honestly, if you're not a huge Horizon fan who absolutely must have that armor, you will probably change it for something better after a few quests anyway...

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@Lunastra78: Bit like the preorders that give exclusive desktop themes , they last a day or so before they are boring.

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@kagatoac: its just cosmetic really.

There is nothing very special about the palico armor and there is far better.

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@kagatoac: it will probably be rotating often... the Horizon Gear is a major sell point to some sony people... taking it away will most likely harm them in a way so my guess is that the gear will be rotating often.

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@Quique85: To use the gear you have to accept the character looking like the woman in Horizon though which means playing with the character with a face like a smashed pumpkin.

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Nice, I was wondering how to get the Aloy Armor and Bow. So far I have had the Palico armor and have kept looking for how to get the other.