Monster Hunter World Horizon Zero Dawn PS4 Armor: How To Unlock The Aloy Gear

The PS4-exclusive Aloy weapon and armor set is finally here.


After much anticipation since its initial reveal, the quest to unlock Monster Hunter World's Horizon Zero Dawn crossover Aloy gear has finally gone live. The first content drop earlier this month gave us the Palico Watcher armor. However, this last quest finally unlocks Aloy's armor and bow. If you're curious about how the process to unlock them works, we've outlined the timing and quests below to access the extras.

It's important to note that the Aloy armor set and bow is only available from February 28 to March 15, so if you're keen to get them, you'd best nab them as soon as possible. Unlike other armor in the game, you have to wear the entire Aloy set together--you can't just wear the pants or chest alone. And the set will also alter your appearance so that your character looks like Aloy from Horizon, complete with long red hair.

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To unlock both the Aloy armor and bow, you must complete a quest called "The Proving," which you can find at the Arena Quest Board in the Gathering Hub. The quest is a six-star mission that requires a Hunter Rank of 11 or higher.

The quest objective is to slay a High-Rank Anjanath. When you complete the quest, you earn a Nora Brave Trophy, a special currency used to unlock both Aloy's armor and bow. However, you need to defeat Anjanath six separate times in order to earn enough Nora Brave Trophies to unlock both the armor and the bow. In addition, you'll also need specific High-Rank Anjanath parts for each, which we've detailed below:

Aloy's Armor:

  • Nora Brave Trophy - x4
  • Anjanath Pelt+ - x14
  • Anjanath Nosebone+ - x6
  • Anjanath Gem - x1

Aloy's Bow:

  • Nora Brave Trophy - x2
  • Anjanath Fang+ - x3
  • Monster Keenbone - x5
  • Anjanath Plate - x1

If you've slain Anjanath in the past, there's not much different in this new quest to hunt it. Wallop on the beast with your best weapon, and maybe bring some fire-resistant armor to better shrug off its attacks. Once you've defeated Anjanath enough times, simply take your trophies and necessary parts to the Smithy to craft Aloy's armor and bow. Check out the screens below for a more visual break-down of where to find everything.

It's also possible to upgrade Aloy's Bow--known simply as Aloy's War Bow. This more powerful version of the weapon requires three additional Nora Brave Trophies, as well as more High-Rank Anjanath and monster parts. We've detailed the required materials below:

Aloy's War Bow:

  • Nora Brave Trophy - x3
  • Anjanath Scale+ - x7
  • Elder Dragon Bone - x3
  • Wyvern Gem - x1

The first Horizon-themed Event Quest in Monster Hunter World, Lesson of the Wild, ran until February 8. If you missed out on that quest the first time around, you'll soon have another chance to get the Palico gear. Producer Ryozo Tsujimoto revealed that Event Quests operate on a "rotating schedule," so the Lesson of the Wild quest will return to the game again "at a later date."

In addition to the new Horizon Event Quest, some PS4 players can also still take part in Monster Hunter World's first Street Fighter V quest. You can see how to unlock in our Ryu armor in our Monster Hunter World Street Fighter V crossover armor guide. Those who have a save file of Street Fighter V on their console can accept the Event Quest titled Down the Dark, Muddy Path, which will reward players with material to create a set of Ryu armor. That quest and a second one for Sakura armor will be available to all PS4 and Xbox One players at a later date.

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