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Monster Hunter: World Has Released, And It's A Fantastic Starting Place For Newcomers

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Now is the time to finally jump in.

Monster Hunter has always been an intimidating series to jump into for a variety of reasons. It's challenging for anyone, and traditionally it hasn't done a great job of explaining its various mechanics, leaving players to seek outside help. Monster Hunter World, which is now available on PS4 and Xbox One, at least partially tries to address those problems, and in many ways, it succeeds.

In addition to providing more explanation to players in the early stages, players have what's called a Handler, who dispenses tips until you've made enough progress. There are also quality-of-life improvements like scoutflies that reduce the hassle of tracking a monster--something that's particularly helpful given World's larger environments.

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In the video above, we chat about what it's been like to play World from both the standpoint of a series veteran and someone with less Monster Hunter experience. It should give you a sense of what to expect from World regardless of your experience level. Whatever your personal history with the series, this is a very solid RPG to jump into.

We also have starting tips and a beginner's guide, as well as a roundup of all of our key coverage about World. Plus, you can see what the game looks like in 4K on PS4 Pro and find out all the details about its day-one update. For more on the new game, check out our Monster Hunter World review, which states, "Monster Hunter World is finally here, and it blows the previous western releases out of the water."

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Monster Hunter: World

Monster Hunter: World

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