Monster Hunter World Guide: How To Get The Secret Palico Gadgets

Tools of the trade.


In Monster Hunter World, you can always use some extra help in taking down the big marks. Throughout your many adventures when not partnered up with other hunters, it'll just be you and your Palico companion at your side, who's ready to help out when you need it. While their cat-like looks and short stature might make them look out of their element, the Palico are totally capable of keeping up with your high-flying and weapon-wielding antics, and they even bring some useful skills of their own into the fold.

In this guide, we'll show you how to find new gadgets for your Palico, and how they will help you during the more intense battles. Over the course of your travels, you'll come across several Palico tribes that have their own aversion to outsiders--and you'll have to jump through a few hoops in order to win them over. Here's a quick rundown of all the gadgets and how you can get them.

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Vigorwasp Spray

How it works: With the default gadget, your Palico companion can administer healing effects to you during battles. After increasing your proficiency to level 5, you will be able to manually call in a heal from your ally. At level 10, you can place a vigorwasp station to receive healing at a dedicated spot in the field.

Flashfly Cage

Location: In the Ancient Forest, you'll need to reach the top of the giant tree in the center of the map to find the second gadget. After making it to the top, you'll come across another Palico who will lead you to the new item.

How it works: Your companion throws a flashfly at your enemies, momentarily blinding them. At level 5 proficiency, you can activate the gadget on command, with the chance of your companion placing a Shock Trap as well. At level 10, Shock Traps from your ally can be placed manually.


Location: In the northeastern end of area 8 in Wildspire Wastes, you'll find a hole leading to a hidden cavern with a Palico protector offering a quest to look for his fellow companions. You'll need to find all three of his protectors in Wildspire Wastes to complete the quest and earn the next gadget.

How it works: With this shield gadget, your Palico can defend itself against an attack and can also provoke nearby monsters. As your proficiency goes up, your ally can withstand more damage and can even attack enemies with the shield.


Location: In order to find this gadget, you'll need to clear through the story mission that unlocks the lower areas of the Rotten Vale and have a piece of raw meat in your possession. Speak to the Lynian Researcher who will inform you of the nearby Grimalkyne tribe known as the Plunderers. After leaving, explore the area and farm until a random event with a Odogaron occurs. Note that this event is time specific, so you may need to exit the area and re-enter to engage the scene.

Afterwards, explore further until you find a Grimalkyne lurking about. Follow it into the lower areas, and then place the raw meat on the ground where you lose sight of it. Move away from the meat and watch as the Grimalkyne return to eat the raw meat. Approach them to engage in conversation with them, and they will reward you with the Plunderblade.

How it works: This item will allow your Palico to steal items from monsters they attack. As your proficiency goes up, the number of items attained from their theft goes up.

Coral Orchestra

Location: In area 10 of the Coral Highlands, you'll find a cave and encounter a pack of Shamos-riding Palico. Defeat the group and then follow them to their hideout to speak with them to earn a new quest. After completing the quest to hunt two Tzitzi-Ya-Ku, return to the Palico to claim your new item.

How it works: This gadget allows your Palico companion to buff your hunter with a number of attack and defense boosts, alongside resistances to negative status effects. Increasing your proficiency will allow these buffs to become more effective.

Meowlotov Cocktail

Location: In order to acquire this final gadget, you'll need to have found all other Palico items. In Astera, talk to the Lynian Researcher to receive a quest for the Gajalaka Linguistics critical bounty. You'll need to find 10 Gajalaka markings around the map (they'll be marked) to complete the quest. You'll immediately get another bounty tasking you to travel to the Elder Crossing. This portion of the mission must done at night, as you'll have to sneak through the Palico camp to meet the leader. Once you do, you'll complete the next portion of the bounty. Travel back to the Researcher to finish up and gain the final gadget.

How it works: The Meowlotov Cocktail is a bomb that causes explosive and fire damage to monsters. As you improve your proficiency, the blast strength will increase, making it more effective against breakable parts of the monster's body.

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