Monster Hunter World Crossover Costumes Coming To Street Fighter 5

Costumes inspired by Rathalos, Zinogre, and Kirin armor sets.


Monster Hunter World is out now, and to celebrate developer Capcom has announced three crossover costumes for another of its games, Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition for PS4 and PC. The costumes are based on three armor sets you can get in Monster Hunter.

The costumes will be available for Ken, R. Mika, and Ibuki, and are obtainable in Street Fighter V's Extra Battle Mode over the next three months. Each fighter gets a costume based on a particular monster's armor set in Monster Hunter.

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Ken gets the Rathalos Armor Crossover Costume. In Monster Hunter, Rathalos is a flying wyvern, and the costume channels his poisonous talons, fiery projectiles, and a clubbed tail. R. Mika's costume is also based on a wyvern. She gets the Zinogre Armor Crossover Costume, based on Zinogre's canine features and ability to charge up and unleash electrical attacks. Lastly, Ibuki gets the Kirin Armor Crossover Costume. In Monster Hunter, Kirin is an Elder Dragon with a sharp horn and lightning-fast reflexes.

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The Crossover Costumes will be available in Extra Battle Mode. To get the costume, players need to complete a series of four challenges over four weeks (one challenge per week). Each challenge costs 2,500 Fight Money. Once you complete the four challenges, you get the costume. The first challenge, for the Rathalos costume, starts on February 27. Check out the full schedule on Capcom's website.

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