Monster Hunter: World Board Game Is Coming To Kickstarter In April

Pick a tier to get your favorite monsters in miniature form when Monster Hunter World: The Board Game comes to Kickstarter.


In April, Monster Hunter: World will be converted to tabletop when the Kickstarter for Monster Hunter World: The Board Game goes live.

The game will be a choose-your-own-adventure story where you and up to three other players will head off on a journey following the Scoutflies in search of resources and monsters that could be lurking anywhere. Traverse the steamy jungles of the Ancient Forest, or the fetid swamps of the Wildspire Wastes to advance your quest and see what secrets you can uncover.

Though details are yet to come, a set of Monster Hunter miniatures will be a part of the game. One of these minis isn't quite so mini, standing at over a foot tall, though we don't know which one quite yet. If you want to get in on these mini monsters, you can check out the pledge tiers being offered.

Three tiers have currently been announced for Monster Hunter World: The Board Game. The Entry Pledge will cost $70/€56/£51 and will include four XL monsters, four hunters, 600+ cards, one double-sided game board, one rulebook, and one questbook. The Core Pledge will cost 140/€125/£102, and will come with one large monster, seven XL monsters, one XXL monster, eight hunters, 1200+ cards, two double-sided game boards, two rulebooks, two questbooks, and all unlocks. Finally, the All-In Pledge will run you $279/€249/£203, and will include one large monster, seven XL monsters, one XXL monster, one XXXL monster, 12 hunters, 1800+ cards, two double-sided game boards, eight rule/questbooks, and all unlocks.

What the L, XL, XXL, and XXXL monsters in each pledge are will be revealed over the next few weeks. If you want to keep up with all the updates, you can sign up for the game's mailing list. Hopefully we'll be getting an official launch date for the Kickstarter soon.

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