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Monster Hunter Wilds Story Co-Op Will Be More Seamless Than In Past Games

Capcom has taken in feedback from fans about the restrictions in story missions when it comes to cutscenes.


In Monster Hunter Wilds, Capcom has made a few changes to help alleviate some of the co-op headaches present in Monster Hunter World when it comes to story missions. Capcom has said it made improvements to the multiplayer matchmaking and taken fan feedback into consideration to make the experience much smoother.

Speaking with GameSpot, Monster Hunter Wilds director Yuya Tokuda said that feedback from players has been used to lessen the annoyance of forcing players to watch cutscenes in story missions before they would party up. In Monster Hunter World, you would need to load up the story quest, go into the map, and find the monster, which would trigger the cutscene. After the cutscene finished, you could invite other players to your hunt. This was only true the first time you did each story mission, but it made playing co-op more difficult than most players would like.

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"While we can say that there will be some segments where you have to witness certain parts of the story before you can actually start some of those co-op elements, in the background we've taken care to make sure that players are always connected or they can stay always connected in terms of co-op parties," Tokuda said.

Tokuda said that while there would still be a few instances where a cutscene would need to be viewed before you can do co-op, the overall headache would be lessened thanks to matchmaking improvements. Players can stay partied up, even though these cutscenes and the background matchmaking is always happening, so you can quickly get more players in once the cutscene ends. There will even be a notification as soon as you can invite other players to your section. While it sounds like players will have to still deal with some of these cutscenes, Capcom has taken the time to make it a much smoother and easier experience.

Monster Hunter Rise did not have these issues, but that was due to there being separate single-player and multiplayer story missions, with cutscenes taking place before the mission and not during. Monster Hunter Wilds is coming to Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5, and PC in 2025.

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