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Monster Hunter Stories Now Available On IOS And Android

Monster in your pocket.


Monster Hunter Stories, the 3DS spin-off RPG that puts you in control of a stylized monster rider, is now available on mobile devices. The stealth launch appeared across iOS and Android, for $20. The description boasts that it has "absolutely no in-app purchases!"

Despite the title, Monster Hunter Stories isn't actually about hunting monsters. Instead you come from a remote village where people form bonds with monsters and live in harmony with them. These Monster Riders perform rites of kinship with the various monsters around the world. You'll hatch and fight monsters through an RPG story and network battles.

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The mobile version includes some graphical tweaks, a new user interface to take advantage of the mobile platforms, and an auto-save feature. Conversely, and for obvious reasons, some of the 3DS features like StreetPass and Amiibo functionality didn't make the trip to mobile platforms.

Monster Hunter Stories received generally positive reviews on GameSpot sister site Metacritic with an average score of 79. Meanwhile, its console sibling Monster Hunter World continues to break sales records for Capcom, most recently passing 10 million upon launching on PC.

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