Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Digital Event Reveals Three New Monsters

A new combat ability called Switch Skill Swap will also be added with the Sunbreak expansion.


During the latest Monster Hunter Rise digital event, series producer Ryozo Tsujimoto and director Yoshitake Suzuki unveiled a new look at the upcoming Sunbreak expansion.

Alongside a brand-new trailer, the developer confirmed that also revealed three additional monsters will be joining the game when the expansion releases on June 30. These include Aurora Somnacanth, which releases a constant chilling mist that threatens to freeze anything that gets too close. Its abilities also allow it to glide across icy terrain and exhale a powerful ice breath attack. Magma Almudron is the opposite of Somnacanth, and instead prefers the heat of the Lava Caverns and augments its attacks with molten stone to overwhelm players.

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Meanwhile, the Elder Dragon Malzeno acts as the commanding force behind a mysterious swarm of parasitic entities that capture and then absorb the energy of their prey. In combat, Malzeno's attacks are inspired by the vampire, using its Bloodblight status to determine whose life force will run out first. If the Hunter fails, Malzeno evolves into a stronger monster.

In addition, Monster Hunter Rise will also see the return of Flying Wyvern Seregios--or the "thousand-edged dragon"--which is best-known for its high-flying maneuvers, sharp Bladescales coating its body, and a bleed status that can affect players.

Sunbreak will introduce a brand-new ability called Switch Skill Swap in order to combat these new threats. Switch Skill Swap enables Hunters to assign Switch Skills to two different loadouts which can be changed on the fly during a hunt. Players who find themselves under attack while performing the ability can also perform a Swap Evade in any direction to avoid danger, or simply reposition for a continued assault.

New Follower Quests will also be available, which are single-player hunts that allow players to accept and complete quests with their favorite story characters. Capcom explained that each Follower has their own specialization, and can assist players in battle by recovering their health, placing traps, and riding monsters. Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak will release on June 30 for Nintendo Switch and PC.

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