Monster Hunter Rise Introduces Mega Man's Robo-Dog Rush

The transforming canine robot from the Mega Man series can replace your Palamute as part of a special event starting September 24.


Monster Hunter Rise introduced some new elements like a canine companion to the series. Being a Monster Hunter game, it's also getting a steady stream of crossover events with other Capcom series, including an upcoming cosmetic swap for your Palamute that makes it look like Mega Man's robo-dog, Rush. The special event starts September 24.

Completing the event will give you crafting materials to make the Rush skin. There is no end-date listed, but if it's like other Monster Hunter crossover events, it will just remain in the game in perpetuity.

The trailer for the Palamute event shows footage from Mega Man 11, the most recent game in the long-running action-platformer series. Rush first appeared in the series in Mega Man 3, all the way back in 1990. The robo-canine is a Swiss army knife of a character, transforming into vehicles like a submarine or jet-board. In Monster Hunter Rise, he looks to stay in his regular dog form, albeit carrying around a massive blade in his jaws.

Previous special events have given out other Palamute skins. The game has also had crossover events featuring an Okami Palamute skin and another that lets you look like Akuma from Street Fighter.

Monster Hunter Rise is a Switch console exclusive that packs in some of the most significant quality-of-life features that helped Monster Hunter World such a hit. It scored a 9/10 in GameSpot's Monster Hunter Rise review. Richard Wakeling wrote, "The moment-to-moment combat is as impeccable as it's ever been and puts Rise on a pedestal as one of the feathers in the Nintendo Switch's cap."

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